Informační portál Hedvábné stezky

24. 2. 2016

  • Země: CN - Čína, HK - Hongkong (Čína)
  • Datum zveřejnění: 24.02.2016

The Belt and Road Initiative aims to promote connectivity in infrastructure, enhance trade relations and industrial co-operation, while fostering greater integration in the financial and other sectors among the countries along the Belt and Road. Given the globally dispersed investment projects and trade networks envisioned as part of the Initiative, Hong Kong is well placed to help companies seize these new opportunities and manage any related investment projects and business activities. This is largely on account of its status as an international hub with an independent legal system, as well as its low and simple tax structure, liberal trade and investment regimes, strong international networks, and free flow of information, capital and talent.

Belt and Road Portal ( ) was launched in December 2015 in order to provide information to help businesses make informed decisions while providing contacts for companies to find service providers to help them grasp the many business opportunities.

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