Příklady technologických, výzkumných a obchodních inovativních nabídek a poptávek

1. 12. 2017 | Zdroj: Enterprise Europe Network ČR

motiv článku - Příklady technologických, výzkumných a obchodních inovativních nabídek a poptávek Přinášíme Vám příklady inovativních nabídek a poptávek v původním znění zprostředkovávaných EEN českým podnikatelům. Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) působí ve více jak 60 zemích světa a v ČR je zastoupena konsorciem šesti partnerů koordinovaném Technologickým centrem AV ČR.

Níže uvedený fragment nabídek a poptávek pochází z mezinárodní databáze sítě Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), na kterou je napojeno více než 600 partnerů sítě. Tito partneři zprostředkovávají nabídky a poptávky z různých oborů zejména malým a středním podnikům v rámci svého regionu. 

Máte ve firmě na starosti technologický rozvoj nebo obchodní aktivity a měli byste zájem o nové partnery v zahraničí?  Pak je databáze určena právě Vám. Mezinárodní databázi si můžete procházet sami a pokud najdete nabídku nebo poptávku, která Vás zajímá, a nebo máte zájem zadat vlastní nabídku resp. poptávku, kontaktujte nás: Ing. Eva Kožená, kozena@tc.cz. Naše služby jsou bez poplatku. Vstup do databáze EEN (volný vstup, bez registrace):

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Příklady poptávek zveřejňujeme v původním anglickém znění.

Výběr poptávek – prosinec 2017

A Slovenian producer of soil micronutrients is looking for commerical agents and distributors
Agro chemicals/Organic Chemistry
A small Slovenian producer of micronutrients that enrich the soil and improve the quality of plants and crops is looking for commercial agents or distribution companies engaged in marketing and sale of high quality micronutrient products and offers agency or distribution services agreement…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

A French Technology Transfer Office proposes a system to improve cavitation effects in various industrial processes
A French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region that has developed a new device to improve the cavitation effect in various industries like food, cosmectics or biotechnology process (among others). This new mechanical technique can increase the volume capacity of actual utrasonic devices. The French public research centre is looking for partners for a technical cooperation, license or a research cooperation agreement….read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

UK designer of affordable, economical, practical urban bike seeks distributors
Sports and leisure
The UK company has designed one of the most innovative, practical and cost effective urban bikes on the market which enables users to transport children or goods whilst being economical to buy and cheap to maintain. The company are now seeking distributors under a distribution services agreement…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

A Lithuanian metal fabrication producer and designer is offering its services under a manufacturing and subcontracting agreement
Manufacturer/Metal structures
An experienced Lithuanian company, which produces and design various metal constructions and other metal items for residential and non-residential building projects is looking for partners to provide its services. The company offers a partnership under the manufacturing and/or subcontracting agreement. The desired region for partners to be found – Scandinavian countries (but not limited to)…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Leading Swedish food and non-food distributor is looking for eco friendly brands to introduce on the Swedish market
Health food/Distribution representation
Swedish company specialized in distribution, sales and marketing activities of food and non food products, is offering its services as a trade intermediary to producers of ecological, organic, vegan and bio products willing to enter the Swedish market. The company is offering distribution and commercial agreements to widen their portfolio of products….read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Výběr poptávek – listopad 2017

Covering of glass-fibre reinforced materials (GFRP) for new construction and reconstruction of clarification plants and landfills
Materials, components and systems for construction/ Construction methods
A German company, active in civil and mechanical engineering, has developed covers of glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin to reduce odour and acoustic noise emission and/or to avoid the infiltration of contaminants and rainwater in process basins. The application range is wide, e.g. for clarification plants, industrial plants, drinking water plants. The company is looking for partners from industry for commercial agreements with technical assistance or services agreements…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Grouting solutions for water inflow stops, sealing of rock and decontamination in mining industry
Mining technology/Environmental Engineering
German SME offers a technology for immobilisation of contaminants and sealing of rock by using time dependent crystallisation, so called „Provoked mineral synthesis“. Using super saturated solutions it is possible to precipitate natural occurring minerals which reduce permeability of rock. Decontaminating metals can be fixed as sulphide. The SME is looking for partners from industry and research for a research cooperation, technical cooperation, or services agreement…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

A Polish SME operating in the plastic and the rubber business is seeking for distribution services agreement and offers production under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement
The Polish company acting on the market of plastic materials and articles is looking for distribution agreements to expand its sales abroad. The company is also interested in manufacturing or subcontracting agreements with foreign producers of plastic materials and articles needing production resources…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Automatic image analysis solutions and algorithms for customised computer-assisted microscopy systems for digital pathology, laboratory diagnostics and biomedicine
Computer-aided diagnosis and therapy/Visualisation, Virtual Reality
A well-known research institute in the South of Germany deals within the field of medical technology specialised on image analysis in real-time and microscopy systems. They offer customised computer-assisted microscopy systems as well as image analysis solutions for digital pathology, hematology and microbiology and software for quality assurance in laboratories. They are looking for SMEs entering into a licence agreement or working together in a technical or research project…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Cannula for Ocular Micro-Injection
Surgery/Surgical instrumentation and equipment
A German company, which is active in commercializing innovations from 33 research institutes in Bavaria, offers intellectual property rights (IPR) for a medical technology: A cannula for ocular micro-injection, which can be addressed for targeted intra- and sub-retinal injections to cure age-related macular degeneration (AMD).They are looking for interested parties to enter into a licensing agreement….read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Mammary Immobilization Device for Breast Screening Applications
Health care/Cytology, Cancerology, Oncology
A German university developed a device for medical imaging applications enabling an efficient and pain-reducing compression of the mamma. The university offers a license and a technical cooperation agreement….read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Metal structures and metal parts manufacturing – business offer
Metals and Alloys/ Speciality metals (including processes for working with metals)
Slovenian producer of components for residential containers is offering manufacturing and subcontracting services in manufacturing of welded constructions on the basis of specific customer requirements and according to presented documentation. All products are made according to standard EN 1090 EXC 2, EN 3834. Company offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreement to companies…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Resource cadaster for recovering raw materials from industrial heaps and dumps
GIS Geographical Information Systems/Mining and extraction
A German SME has co-developed a mapping tool for anthropogenic deposits in industrial heaps. Remote sensing data combined with data about the chemical composition of the residues have led to a resource cadaster which can be used for the recovery of scarce raw materials such as metals and minerals. Players from public administrations and the private sector dealing with the recovery of mining products and anthropogenic residues are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

A Spanish engineering company, specialized in the development of advanced mechanical systems for cutting-edge instrumentation (space, scientific, astronomical, etc.), looking for subcontracting agreements
Optical Networks and Systems/Engineering
The Spanish company is focused on engineering services (opto-mechanical, thermal and testing engineering) for the design, manufacturing, integration and testing of advanced mechanical equipment integrated in complex technologies such as space flight systems and instruments for earth observation, planetary exploration, telecommunications, instrumentation for satellites and on-ground science and astronomical instrumentation. The company is looking for subcontracting agreements…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Highly innovative Slovak SME has invented a new seed treating method – hydrostimulation – for higher crop yields in water deprived regions and is looking for partners for testing of this technology (verification of its effectiveness)
Crop production/Seed coating/ Agricultural chemicals
Slovak SME is offering a new seed treating method that makes use of superabsorbing polymers. The superabsorbing polymers have a great ability to absorb into its structures 200-500 times of water to own weight and release the captured water gradually in times of drought. As a result, crop seeds treated with this product have more moisture available to support process of germination and the first phase of growth resulting into higher yields per hectare. They are looking for partners for testing…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

UK supplier of a wrist and hand warmer is looking for suppliers of soft shell textile material and offers manufacturing agreements
Advanced materials/Sporting goods
A UK company specialises in water resistant, windproof and breathable wrist and hand warmers. They are designed specifically for the sports and outdoor recreation markets but the company also has customers who suffer with medical conditions who buy them. They are offering manufacturing agreements to businesses who can supply them with the soft shell textile material to make their wrist and hand warmers…read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

On-board power supply system-monitoring in vehicles
A German university developed an on-board power supply system-monitoring that processes the measured data within vehicles in a central monitoring unit and calculates the overall state of the on-board network. It can also identify faults by modeling the power network and making reasonable assumptions about possible errors and sources of errors. The university is offering a license agreement and a research cooperation agreement….read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Výběr poptávek – říjen 2017

Supplier of spare parts for cars, trucks, busses, heavy and drilling equipment, cement industry
19. 10. 2017
Mining machinery/Industrial trucks and tractors
A German company is specialising in the trade of spare parts for passenger cars, trucks and buses, heavy equipment, cement industry supplies as well as drilling equipment for open pit and underground mines (genuine parts as well as OEM parts). It is looking for suppliers of further spare parts to expand its product line and is offering distribution services agreement….read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Multiparametric probe for monitoring subterranean environments
19. 10. 2017
Environmental and Biometrics Sensors/Biosensor
Two Spanish Research Institutions and one Spanish University have developed a probe capable of analyzing multiple physicochemical properties simultaneously. It allows the geomicrobiological study of the subsurface in extreme habitat conditions such as temperature, corrosion and acidity. Industrial partners working on mining prospecting, geological exploration, geophysical, geomicrobiological, environmental analysis are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement….read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Remote monitoring systems of the physical and cognitive state for e-health application
19. 10. 2017
Applications for Health/Safety systems
Italian academic start-up has developed real-time remote monitoring systems to enable security and independence of old patients. The technology is based on sensing methodologies for ambient assistive living in particular for indoor localization, cognitive assistive systems, well being and active aging. The company is looking for healthcare partners for a technical cooperation agreement….read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.

Volume production readiness for cyber skin
3. 10. 2017
A UK research group has developed and tested methods for making stretchable electronics in volume, based on biocompatible elastomers. Wearable and implantable prototypes exist. Further concept testing and scaling up is sought with developers of smart biosensors and consumer and health products, both in industry and academia. Cooperation type is likely to be licensing or technical cooperation….read more.
In case of interest please contact EEN.


Vstup do vyhledávacího okna databáze EEN

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