Seznam projektů financovaných z fondů vnější spolupráce EU

15. 6. 2017 | Zdroj: Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí (MZV)

Tento seznam je pravidelně zpracováván Stálým zastoupením ČR při EU.

Předběžná oznámení:

Serbia – Supply of video, audio and IT equipment for strengthening the capacity of the Internal Affairs Sector (IAS) of the Ministry of Interior

Oznámení o veřejných zakázkách:

Albania – Information and communication support for the EU Delegation in Tirana

The purpose of the contract is to provide assistance to the EU Delegation in Albania in its information and communication activities, aimed at increasing the level of public awareness about the European Union, its policies and programmes and their impact on citizens' daily lives in Albania, and at increasing the public understanding of the accession process based on well-informed expectations.

The contract will include, but should not be limited to, the following information and communication activities:

  1. Communication planning, design and implementation, including on reform areas supported by EU assistance. This should entail the development of political messaging strategies and visibility campaigns.
  2. Outreach activities, public diplomacy and stakeholder engagement, including through the management of events and visits, press and media relations, capacity building of journalists, coordination with EU desks in municipalities, and the management of EU centres.
  3. Research and analysis, including media analysis, media monitoring and publicopinion analysis.
  4. Issue management, risk management and crisis communication.
  5. Management of content on all media channels, including online presence of the EU Delegation (social media, web page development and update, photography, production of publications and promotional materials…).

ASEAN – Enhancing Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R) in ASEAN for radiological and nuclear emergencies through regional cooperation: Technical Support for Decision Making

The purpose of this project is to enhance the quality and coherence of decision making within ASEAN countries following a radiological or nuclear emergency.  This will be achieved through the installation and use within emergency centres, at national and centralized levels, of ‘state of the art’ tools/software to support decision making.

A diverse range of tools, with varying technical capabilities, are currently being used by Member States in ASEAN. These capabilities will be enhanced by the installation in national emergency centres of ‘state of the art’ tools (to support decision making) that have been developed and used in Europe.  The same tools will be installed and customised for use in each ASEAN Member State; this will promote common understanding and contribute to a more coherent response within ASEAN in responding to any future radiological or nuclear emergency that may affect the region.

Cyprus – Technical facilities for laboratories

The purpose of this contract is to supply laboratory and IT equipment for veterinary and food safety control laboratories, as well as providing diagnostic laboratory consumables for veterinary laboratories, and IT equipment for animal disease eradication and animal identification and registration systems.

Regarding animal health services, the supplies are required to improve the diagnostic capacity and laboratory information management system of veterinary services, as well as for proper management and control of animal diseases and of high risk animal by-products, bringing them in line with EU standards.

Regarding food safety controls, the supplies will help to develop analytical services in the Turkish Cypriot community to the level where they can be relied upon to support analysis of foodstuffs and associated material in a manner compliant with EU acquis requirements.

Egypt – EU-WATER Sector Technical Assistance and Reforms Support (EU-Water STARS)

The general objective of this contract will be to support the ongoing reform on the Water. The EU-Water STARS project specific objective is to contribute to the improvement of water management and to enable all partner agencies of the Government of Egypt (including governorates) to effectively contribute their resources towards both the NWRP, and SDP 2030 objectives, and including participatory measures at local level. The project will focus on institutional strengthening, inter-sectoral dialogue, capacity building, and public awareness rising, while promoting multi-stakeholder engagement and participation.

The project will be organised around five main components:

  • Component A – Contribution to an enabling institutional and financial environment;
  • Component B – Modernization of the Water Management Framework;
  • Component C – Capacity Development for the relevant institutions;
  • Component D – Developing communication and information plans for public awareness;
  • Component E – Preparing technical studies for integrated resources management.

FYROM – Supply of IT equipment for the Social Work Centres (SWC) and for Operational Structures of Human Resource Development IPA Component IV

The subject of the contract is the supply, delivery (on the whole territory of the Beneficiary country), unloading, installation and putting into operation by the Contractor of IT equipment, in order to improve and strengthen the operations of the Social Work Centers and of the Operating Structure for Human Resources Development Component of IPA (in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Finance).

FYROM – Supply of IT equipment and vehicles for Agriculture and Rural development

The subject of this contract is supply, delivery, unloading, installation (where applicable), testing (where applicable), training (where applicable) and putting into operation for Lot 1 – IT equipment and Lot 2 – vehicles (terrain vehicles).

In particular, Lot 1 refers to implementation of a private cloud solution with configuring and migrating the existing applications, services and desktops in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE) in a virtual environment (virtual servers, virtual desktops and virtual applications), whereas Lot 2 refers to supply for terrain vehicles for MAFWE and AFSARD.

Kosovo – Improving district heating in Prishtinë/Priština and Gjakovë/Djakovica, Kosovo

The scope of this Contract includes design and construction of a biomass based heating plant for the beneficiary 'District Heating Company of Gjakova/Djakovica', including: supply installation and testing of heat only boilers (2 boilers of 7 and 2MWth respectively) and a cogeneration unit (8MWth and 1.5MWe, water treatment system, pressure holding and expansion system, network circuit pumps, control and monitoring system, fuel/biomass storage and fuel conveying system, and defects liability period in accordance with the EuropeAid rules (Design and Build).

The scope of the work includes also connection of the production plant to the utilities (electricity, sewage, water, telecomm) and its connection to the heating distribution network.

An important component of this Contract is training for the beneficiary staff and support in operation during the two years of defect liability period.

Montenegro – Support to the veterinary sector

The objective of the Contract is to contribute to the further alignment with the EU veterinary standards. The purposes of this contract are as follows: to strengthen the legislative, institutional and administrative capacity related to veterinary and food of animal origin and to further align and enforce the EU veterinary standards and eradicate certain animal diseases. The particular attention will be given to the upgrading of the system for control of udder health and quality of raw milk.

Results to be achieved by the Contractor

  • Legislation prepared and adopted in accordance to the Montenegro’s strategy for Transposition and implementation of the EU acquis relevant for chapter 12 – food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy including a general action plan and a specific action plan for control and eradication of classical swine fever (Control measures for animal diseases while focusing on Animal welfare, Trade in live animals semen, ova and embryos within the Union, Zootechnics);
  • Capacities of the veterinary services strengthened in order to properly carry out their duties in accordance to procedures aligned with the EU acquis;
  • Rabies and CSF control and eradication programme rationally implemented;
  • Upgraded system for control of udder health and quality of raw milk.

Morocco – Renforcement de la maitrise de la sécurité sanitaire des produits agro-alimentaires

Ce projet d’assistance technique a pour objectif général le renforcement de l’Office National de Sécurité Sanitaire des produits Alimentaires (ONSSA) pour conduire sa mission en vue d’améliorer la sécurité sanitaire des aliments au Maroc ainsi que la protection des consommateurs, en soutenant le processus de convergence vers les exigences de l’acquis et des bonnes pratiques européennes.

Les objectifs spécifiques de ce projet sont notamment la contribution (i) à l’amélioration des contrôles sanitaires des produits végétaux et des produits animaux et d’origine animale ; (ii) à la mise à niveau des laboratoires y compris la mise en place des laboratoires de référence; (iii) à la réalisation d'un échange d’information fiable, sécurisé et permanent entre les systèmes d’informations de l’ONSSA et avec ceux de ses partenaires ; ainsi qu’à (iv) l’élaboration d’une stratégie et des outils de communication pour la promotion institutionnelle de l’ONSSA.

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