Seznam projektů financovaných z fondů vnější spolupráce EU

25. 2. 2017 | Zdroj: Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí (MZV)

Tento seznam je pravidelně zpracováván Stálým zastoupením ČR při EU.

Předběžná oznámení:

FYROM - Supply of equipment for institutions in the area of justice and home affairs

The purpose of this contract is  supply, delivery, unloading, installation, integration with existing system(if applicable), testing, training(if applicable), commissioning(if applicable) and putting into operationof equipment for the institutions in the area of justice and home affairs. The equipment purchased with this contract   is aimed for establishment of National Interoperability platform system for the above-mentioned institutions, strengthening of the capacities for fight against organized crime and for forensic analysis and expertise.       

Jordan – Supply, Installation and Upgrade of Hardware and DocuWare Solution for the Electronic Document Management System of the Civil Status and Passport Directorate

The subject of the contract shall be the Supply, installation, commissioning, training (where needed), maintenance and after-sales services of  hardware and DocuWare solution for the Electronic Document Management System of the Civil Status and Passport Directorate – Ministry of Interior.

Kosovo - Framework Contract for the Supply of Drinking Water No. 6

The subject of the framework contract is to settle the terms governing the supply and      delivery of Drinking Water by the Contractor (see Annex II and III of the Tender Dossier for the relevant description of the items and the yearly estimated quantities of items that MAY be purchased during the duration of the framework contract) at EULEX Kosovo, Pristina, DAP.

The framework contract shall be concluded for a period of 1 year (one year) with effect on the date on which it enters into force, (although the Framework contract may be terminated at short notice. See article 36 of the special conditions of the draft contract).

The signature of the framework contract imposes no obligation on the Contracting Authority to purchase any of the quantities estimated in Annex II and III of the “tender dossier”. Deliveries shall only take place following the issuance by the contracting authority of “purchase orders”, specifying the list of items intended to be supplied with their respective quantities.

Deliveries shall take place within five (5) calendar days after the receipt by the contractor of a “purchase order” and the Incoterm applicable shall be DAP (delivery at place). The deliveries and the place of acceptance of deliveries shall be in Pristina; Central Warehouse at Support Compound and locations in Pristina area, Mission HQ Farmed, EULEX Center Pristina City (ECPC) and EULEX Center Mitrovica. The accurate addresses will be provided at the same time of the issuance of each purchase order.

Lebanon – Provision of equipment and supplies for agricultural cooperatives

Contract description:

Provision of equipment and supplies for agricultural cooperatives.

Lot 1- Provision  of Agricultural machinery

Lot 2 - Provision of Food equipment

Lot 3 – Provision of Bees equipment

Lot 4 – Provision of Cooling equipment

Lot 5 - Provision of Olive equipment

Liberia - Long Term Technical Assistance to the General Auditing Commission of Liberia

To assist GAC in its efforts of becoming a modern, credible Supreme Audit Institution by supporting GAC implement the provisions of the GAC ACT 2014 and improve the quality and impact of public external audit, its management and its administrative functions by the end of the project. The contract will additionally assist in the process of improving accountability and transparency in the management of public resources in Liberia providing assurance to citizens and the Legislature that public money has been properly and wisely spent

Turkey - Supervision Services for Construction of Malatya Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse and Exchange

The Contractor will provide site supervision of Works, inspection of relevant supply equipment (procured under supply contract of the overall project) and contract management services (as the Engineer) for the Works Contract; Construction of Malatya Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse and Exchange under the operation of “Malatya Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse and Exchange”.

Ukraine - Support to public finance management and fiscal control system at local level

Decentralisation is a top reform priority of the Government of Ukraine. The reform includes the shift of fiscal responsibilities to local governments and resulted in a significant increase of local budgets. The overall objective of the contract is expected to be as follows: To strengthen the public finance management system at the local and regional level, in line with government commitment under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and in line with the Ukraine's Public Finance Management Strategy of 2017-21.

Zveřejněné zakázky:

Albania – Supply and installation of an audio-visual system for plenary sessions of the Parliament

The overall objective of this contract is to contribute to the deployment of a new audio-visual system, for a more transparent lawmaking and oversight functioning of the Parliament.

The contract consist on the supply and installation of the Assembly’s audio -visual system, including video system, simultaneous translation system, directing room equipment’s, media room, conference room, software system which integrates all systems and equipment’s, all these in conformity with the relevant international standards.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Support to the Fight against Money Laundering in BiH

The objective of the supplies is to complement the "Support to the Fight against Money Laundering" Twinning project by procuring relevant equipment and software solution to facilitate the work related to financial investigation.

Financial Intelligence Department (hereinafter: FID) of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (hereinafter: SIPA) is the central government's financial intelligence unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH), which works in accordance with binding international standards in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorist activities.

The main task of the FID is to receive, collect, record and analyze information, data and documents, as well as investigate and forward the results of the analysis and / or investigations to relevant prosecutors and other competent authorities, both in BH and abroad, regarding crimes of money laundering and / or financing of terrorist activities. Reported transactions of obliged persons are recorded and processed in Anti Money Laundering System (AMLS) database, which is the primary database of FID that contains all open and received subjects, as well as requirements for the verification towards database.

The subject of this procurement is to upgrade AMLS with the module for data exchange with other institutions, upgrading of existing application for external users, new module for application for external users for data exchange and implementation of analytical software for analysis and reporting from AMLS.

Canada – EU Policy and Outreach Partnership in Canada

The services provided through this contract will strengthen the European Union's ability to engage meaningfully and directly with different partners improving the understanding and increasing the awareness of the European Union as well as common interests between the European Union and Canada, including knowledge and awareness as regards the EU's founding principles, democratic set-up and its core policies). Targeted stakeholders would notably include think tanks, leading policymakers and opinion leaders across Canada, media, business organizations and universities.

Technical assistance will therefore focus on supporting a range of activities in the field of public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy[1]. The activities may include inter alia the elaboration and dissemination of studies, organization of events (e.g. conferences, debates, lectures and briefing sessions), exchange of best practices and training, awareness raising campaigns and media activities as well as production of relevant communication materials (videos, publications, etc.).

FYROM – Supply of equipment for National Qualification Framework - Management and Information System for the purposes of the Ministry of Education and Science

The subject of the contract is the supply, delivery, unloading, installation, putting into operation, testing and training by the Contractor of a National Qualification Framework – Management and Information System in order to support the process of further improvement of the system for development and implementation of the National Qualification Framework, aligned with the European Qualification Framework, as well as to strengthen the national capacities for effective and efficient functioning of the system for National Qualification Framework.

Ghana - Technical Assistance for the formulation and management of CSO initiatives and activities in Agriculture and Social Protection

Under the implementation of the above-referenced programme, the current assignment foresees to provide a Technical Assistance Team (TAT) in support to the Contracting Authority i.e. the office of National Authorizing Officer of the Ministry of Finance. The CSO-RISE programme aims to contribute to inclusive growth and reduction of social inequalities. The proposed action has been designed to be implemented through grants supporting Civil Society Organizations' (CSO) initiatives under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF). This support is to complement the future programmes foreseen under Sector 2 ("productive investments in agriculture in the savannah ecological zone") and Sector 3 ("employment and social protection and employment creation").

In this regard, a TAT will assist the Contracting Authority with the following activities: preparation of a Call for proposals, design and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation tool applying for the grant projects, develop a knowledge management and communication strategies with third parties including dissemination of best practices, and any other ancillary tasks that might be requested.

Philippines - Technical Assistance to the Biodiversity Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in ASEAN (BCAMP)

The Technical Assistance (TA) shall be composed of a group of international and national consultants that will support and advise the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) in all aspects of project implementation, across all three components of the programme which aim is to enhance conservation of biodiversity and effective management of protected areas in Southeast Asia in order to halt or significantly reduce biodiversity loss.  This objective will be achieved by ACB through: 1) the training of management staff in the different ASEAN Heritage Parks for a better protection, 2) the support to research institutions for better knowledge diffusion on biodiversity conservation in ASEAN, 3) supporting policy dialogue on environment at a regional level.

Turkey - Supply of Equipment for Establishment of a Common Use Facility(Furniture and Auto Mechanics) and Small Business Advisory Services Unit in Amasya

The subject of the contract is the supply (for lots 1, 2), delivery (for lots 1, 2) unloading (for lots 1, 2), installation(for lots 1, 2), commissioning (for lots 1,2) for the following lots of goods;

  • Machinery and Equipment for Furniture Workshop (lot 1),
  • Machinery and Equipment for Auto Mechanics Workshop (lot 2),

Overall purpose is to support and improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers and auto mechanics in Amasya.

Serbia – Supply Contract for AIS and AES equipment

The purpose of this contract is the purchase of AIS (Automatized Import System) and AES (Automatized Export System) hardware equipment and software licenses necessary for hardware functioning in order to ensure modernized and smooth electronic interconnectivity of Customs Administration of Serbia and physical interoperability with other customs authorities at EU and bordering space.

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