Seznam projektů financovaných z fondů vnější spolupráce EU

15. 2. 2018 | Zdroj: Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí (MZV)

Tento seznam je pravidelně zpracováván Stálým zastoupením ČR při EU.

Předběžná oznámení:


Liberia – Monrovia Consolidation of Electricity Transmission & Distribution

 The 'Monrovia Consolidation of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Project' aims to improve the operation and reliability of the Transmission and Distribution of Monrovia and to increase the access to electricity.

The 'Monrovia Consolidation of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Project' is composed of two main components as follows:

  • The Transmission Component: to improve the operation and reliability of the transmission network supplying power to the Monrovia area. It consists in the reinforcement of the 66 kV transmission networks by rehabilitating a 66 kV double circuit overhead line (OHL); replacing a single circuit 66 kV OHL by a double circuit OHL; and creating a new 66/22 kV substation in Monrovia;
  • The Distribution Component: to increase access to electricity in and around the capital city of Monrovia by network extensions at 22 kV and LV (Low Voltage) and consumer connections totaling 38,000 customers and 37 large consumers with an approximated total power of 18,050 kVA.


Georgia – Provision of Security Guard Services to the EUMM Georgia

Physical protection of the assets (persons, equipment and premises) of the EUMM at its headquarters in Tbilisi as well as at its field offices (Mtskheta, Gori and Zugdidi) and the forward base (Sachkhere) to fully enable EUMM staff to perform its activities and duties in conformity with the best possible standards in matter of safety and security in the place of work and staff members' accommodations. The Contracting Authority may, at its own discretion extend this service contract.

Moldova – Comprehensive demonstrational project for sustainable energy development in the town of Orhei

Contract description:

Procurement (supply and installation) of a compact cogeneration plant based on solid biomass (CHP) using biomass gasification and gas engine to produce electricity and heat.


Ukraine – Detailed design of a Technological Building for Radioactive Waste Processing at the Vektor Complex and Associated Infrastructure (U4.01/14D)

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is the improvement of nuclear safety through the development of a radioactive waste processing facility at the Vektor Industrial Complex and associated infrastructure in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Ukraine – Comprehensive safety assessment of Radioactive Waste management sites operated by State Corporation 'Ukrainian State Association 'Radon' and design of remediation for specific problematic facilities (U4.01/14C)

Delivery of a comprehensive safety assessment for the radioactive waste management sites currently operated by state corporation 'Ukrainian state association 'Radon' and development of designs to remediate some problematic facilities on these sites.

Ukraine – Specification of waste forms to allow safe treatment, storage and disposal of problematic radioactive wastes held at Ukrainian nuclear energy facilities (U4.01/14A)

Intermediate-level waste streams currently stored at the Ukrainian nuclear energy facilities include radioactive wastes such as sludge’s, resins and salt-cake (sometimes known as fusion cake). At the present time these wastes are held in their raw state for lack of a defined processing route. The project will examine the characteristics of these waste streams and propose appropriate waste processing methods so that these waste streams may be transformed into packages that will be suitable for passive storage and eventual disposal.


Turkey – Supply of Equipment for EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Institute

The subject of the contract is furnishing a historical building in Gaziantep, by means of supply, delivery, installation, commissioning, testing, inspection, training and warranty services of the related equipment, supply and delivery of books. It is aimed to establish an institute to protect common cultural heritage between Turkey and the EU and to promote shared values by means of providing access to archaeological and cultural heritage of the ancient Anatolian civilizations.

Partnership Instrument

Canada – EU-Canada Policy Dialogues Support Facility

The service provider will be responsible for the technical assistance in specialized areas and logistics support for the implementation of the following services inter alia: (1) preparation of baselines, benchmarking, specific sector studies, polls, etc.; (2) organization of events (conferences, seminars, workshops, mutual technical visits and other exchange activities, press conferences, etc.) within the scope of the dialogues; (3) provision of specialized technical assistance to relevant stakeholders; (4) support of exchanges between Canadian and EU stakeholders, experts and civil society; (5) consolidation and further development of monitoring, communication and visibility tools.

India – Business support to the EU-India policy dialogues

This action aims to enrich EU - India Policy Dialogues with hands-on technical solutions from EU businesses, notably small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in key sectors, such as Environment, Energy, Climate and Urbanisation.

By meeting the demand for knowledge and innovative technologies, this technical assistance contract will contribute to 1) strengthen the dialogue between European and Indian businesses and 2) increase and diversify the presence of EU companies, notably SMEs, in the Indian market by showcasing EU technologies, standards and business best-practices. It will also enable EU-wide advocacy efforts by EU Member States, EU business organisations and businesses, to remove trade barriers and identify regulatory and economic trends with a particular focus on the needs of EU SMEs.

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Oznámení o veřejných zakázkách:


Cyprus – Technical Assistance and Supervision of the new northern Nicosia trunk sewer

The purpose of this contract is: a) to supervise the implementation of works for the construction of the new northern Nicosia trunk sewer (NNTS) and b) to provide technical assistance services to the contracting authority during the tendering, contracting and execution phase of the works.

The NNTS will be constructed in several phases and/or will be made of several Works contracts. For the time being, there are two identified branches: the Nicosia branch and the Kioneli/Gönyeli branch.

The Nicosia branch has a total approximate length of 13 km, consisting of 7.7 km force-main and 5.3 km gravity sewer. Diameters are ranging from DN500 to DN800. Main parts of the sewer will be constructed in river beds and the use of trenchless techniques to pass a number of bridges is anticipated. It also includes the construction of four Pumping Stations: 3 existing to be reconstructed and 1 new. Peak flows at the pumping stations for the design horizon range from 200 to 382 l/s.

The works contract subject to the supervision shall be implemented under the FIDIC model contract Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering Works Designed by the Employer 1999 – First Edition, adapted to take into account relevant provisions of the PRAG, while incorporating elements of Works Contractor's design relating to pumping station construction, surge protection, SCADA and odour reduction systems.

The Contractor's main task will be supervision of the Works contract for the construction of the Nicosia branch by acting as Engineer/Supervisor in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction ('Red Book').

Additional tasks of the Contractor will include the provision of technical assistance to the Contracting Authority during the tendering, contracting and execution phase of the works. This may include the review of elements of the detailed design, providing expert's opinion on modifications and providing support to the Contracting Authority during Works tender evaluation. The Contractor shall also strengthen the capacity of the staff of the beneficiary bodies in charge of the above infrastructure by providing training on works supervision.

The services will be carried out in the northern part of Cyprus.


Madagascar – Fourniture et livraison d'équipements de réseaux électriques en moyenne et basse tension pour le projet hydroélectrique de Sahatona 

Description du marché:

Il s’agit d’assurer, en conformité avec les clauses du marché la fourniture et livraison de matériel pour réseau électrique en moyenne et basse tension du projet hydroélectrique de Sahatona. Il est attendu de la part du fournisseur qu’il fasse bénéficier au Projet l’acquisition d’équipements le plus rentable et de meilleur rapport qualité/prix.


Tunisia – Appui à l'association tunisienne au programmes de recherche H2020

Fournir une expertise de haut niveau pour appuyer la Tunisie dans la réussite de son association au programme européen de recherche et innovation H2020. L'expertise recherchée assurera l'accompagnement des porteurs de projets, la formation des formateurs et des bénéficiaires finaux et le conseil des décideurs institutionnels et des porteurs de projets en prenant en compte les trois axes d'intervention suivants:

  • Le renforcement du rayonnement international de la R&I tunisienne à travers la réussite de l'association au programme de recherche européen H2020
  • La professionnalisation et la pérennisation du dispositif de gouvernance de l'association Tunisienne au programme H2020
  • L'association tunisienne au programme H2020 est un levier et une opportunité pour le développement socio-économique

Cette expertise sera assurée au moyen d'une centrale d'expertise ciblée sur une assistance technique de haut niveau visant à fournir principalement:

  • des études de diagnostic, élaboration de stratégies et de plans d'action/communication, manuels de procédures pour améliorer la gouvernance de l'association de la Tunisie au programme H2020 et renforcer la capacité des entités Tunisiennes dans la rédaction, le montage et la mise en œuvre des projets de recherche H2020
  • des actions de sensibilisation (séminaires, ateliers, etc.) et de dissémination d'information
  • des actions de formation et de formation de formateurs dans le cadre de développement de nouvelles compétences et de nouveaux métiers nécessaires au renforcement de la participation Tunisienne au programme H2020
  • des actions de coaching et d'accompagnement au montage de projets européens


Serbia – EU FOR SERBIA - Improving Road Safety 

With this contract the EU will assist Republic of Serbia authorities in achieving the main goals defined in existing Road Traffic Safety Strategy and in improving road traffic safety system at all levels. The focus is placed on: 1) establishment of the road safety system in local communities (local road safety databases, training and benchmarking), 2) introduction of the Maximum Abbreviated Injury Scale Level 3+ (MAIS3+) scale of injury in traffic accident and electronic data exchange, 3) Implementation of modern road safety tools (Road Safety Audit (RSA), Road Safety Inspection (RSI), Black Spot Management (BSM), Risk Mapping and Road Safety Impact Assessment (RSIA), in accordance with EC Directive 96/2008).

Turkey – Technical Assistance for Enhancement of Institutional Capacity in Energy Efficiency

The overall objective of the project is to promote energy efficiency in line with the EU’s resource efficiency and climate action targets. Specifically, it is aimed to improve the capacity of Directorate General for Renewable Energy (DGRE) in terms of implementation of energy efficiency strategies, calculation of energy saving potentials and modeling of energy efficiency projections. In this respect, the Contractor will provide services under three headings:

  1. Enhancement of the capacity of the GDRE in terms of energy efficiency, need analysis of DGRE, roadmap for the enhancement of capacity on energy efficiency, preparation of revised energy efficiency action plan (NEEAP) and development of a mechanism for implementation of NEEAP, comprehensive trainings both theoretical to understand the concept and practical to view best practices of energy efficiency legislation and implementation of EU Member States.

  2. Development of a methodology for calculating energy saving potentials and a model for energy efficiency projections, need assessment for calculation methodology, development of computer modeling softwares for calculation of energy savings and EE scenario building, preparation of assessment report for regulatory and operational impacts of EE policies, guideline for drafting national industrial and buildings energy use benchmarks reports, organization of trainings.

  3. Improvement of Energy Efficiency (ENVER) Portal, Gap analysis for the portal, improvement of portal, roadmap preparation for improvement of data quality and data collection, organization of trainings.

Turkey – Supply of Equipment for Implementation of Stock Assessments in Fisheries Activities

The aim of the contract is establishment of computerized monitoring system including integration of satellite data by means of supply, delivery, installation, commissioning, testing, inspection, training and warranty services of the relevant equipment in order to enhance institutional capacity of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MoFAL) for access to improved marine and fisheries data which fulfills the prerequisite for adaptation and implementation of Common Fisheries Policy principles.

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