Světla pro uliční semafory (Makedonie tendr č. 09/2016)

19. 9. 2016

  • Země: Makedonie (FYROM)
  • Datum publikování: 19.09.2016
  • Datum uzávěrky: 31.10.2016 00:00
  • Referenční číslo: TE201601965
  • Stav tendru: vypsaný tendr
Průmyslové obory:
  • Elektronika a elektrotechnika


Zdrojem informace je ZÚ Skopje, e-mail:

Popis tendru, projektu:

Světla pro uliční semafory. Odhad objemu obchodní případu je 147.000 EUR bez DPH

Popis tendru, projektu v cizím jazyce:

Announcement number: 09/2016
I.1) Details on the contracting authority
I.1.1) Name of the contracting authority ЈП Улици и Патишта - Скопје
I.1.2) Address Коле Неделковски-38
I.1.3) City and ZIP code Скопје 1000
I.1.4) Internet address
I.1.5) Contact person Едис Нури E-mail Phone/fax number 023162317/
I.1.6) Additional information and tender documentation can be acquired from
On the address above
I.2) Type of contracting authority, its main activity:
Legal entities established to meet the needs of the public - Article 4, paragraph 1, item b) of the Act - General public services
II.1) Subject matter of contract:
Laterals for the semaphore
II.1.1) Estimated value excluding VAT: 9.000.000,00
II.2) Type of public contract: Goods – Deferred purchasing
Location of delivery of goods or execution of services, or location of works: Warehouse JP Ulici i Patista - Skopje
II.3) Is this utility contract: No
II.4) Is this procedure carried out by a central purchasing body: No
II.5) Group procurement No
II.6) Detailed description of the subject matter of contract:
II.7) Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV): Yes
Main subject matter of contract - Main vocabulary
Code Description
34923000-3 Control equipment in road transport

II.8) Is the subject matter of contract divided in lots: No
II.9) Framework agreement No
II.10) Variants are allowed: No
II.11) Agreement Duration:

Period in months: 12
III.1) Type of procedure: Open procedure
III.2) The procedure will be accelerated: No
III.3) Award criterion: Lowest price
III.4) Is this an e-procurement procedure? Yes
III.5) Will e-Auction be used? Yes
Additional information on the e-Auction: The contracting authority may use electronic auction as the last phase of the open procedure. The subject of electronic auction is the total price including all expenses and import duties, VAT excluded. The initial price of the electronic auction is the lowest price of the accepted bids submitted in the initial phase of the procedure. Invitations to participate in the auction will be submitted electronically through the ESPP after full evaluation of the initial offer, to all economic operators who have submitted acceptable bids in the first phase of the procedure and are registered in the ESPP
IV.1) Guarantees and advance payment
IV.1.1) Independent offer statement: Yes
IV.1.2) Tender guarantee: No
IV.1.3) Importance statement: Yes
IV.1.4) Performance guarantee: Yes [5.00 %]
IV.1.5) Advance payment: No
IV.1.6) Union of Vendors No
IV.2) Selection criteria
IV.2.1) In order to prove its personal situation, the economic operator should provide the following documents - statement by the economic operator than it has not been sentenced, in the last 5 years, with effective court decision for participation in criminal organization, corruption, fraud or money laundering
- certificate that it is not subject to bankruptcy procedure issued by competent authority
- certificate that it is not subject to liquidation procedure issued by competent authority
- certificate for paid taxes, contributions and other public duties by the competent authority in the country where that economic operator is established
- certificate from the Legal Entities Penal Registry that it is not being imposed a side sanction – prohibition to participate in public competitions, contract award procedures and PPP award procedures
- certificate from the Legal Entities Penal Registry that it is not being imposed a side sanction - temporary or permanent prohibition to perform certain professional activity
- certificate that it is not being sanctioned for misdemeanor with an effective court decision, resulting in prohibition for pursuing professional activity or duty, i.e. temporary prohibition for performing professional activity
IV.2.2) Ability of the economic operator to perform business activity:
Document for registered business activity
DRD Form
IV.2.3) Economic and financial stationing of the economic operator:
Documents on the economic and financial standing of the economic operator:
Minimum qualification requirements on the economic and financial standing of the economic operator:
IV.2.4) Technical or professional ability of the economic operator:
Documents on the technical or professional ability of the economic operator:
Minimum qualification requirements on the technical and professional ability of the economic operator:
IV.2.5) Quality assurance standards:
IV.2.6) Environmental management standards:
V.2) Conditions for submitting tenders
V.2.1) The requests for participation to be delivered until: 31.10.2016 at 13:30 o'clock
V.2.2) Deadline for questioning 25.10.2016 15:30
V.3) The tender must be valid until: 90 days
V.4) Requirements for tender opening
Public opening of the tenders will take place on the day and time defined as the time limit for their receipt
31.10.2016 at 13:30 o'clock Location: JP Ulici i Patista - Skopje
V.3) Additional data
V.4) Publication date 15.09.2016


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