Textilní produkty - ložní prádlo, bytový textil, konfekce atd.

20. 9. 2017

  • Země zadání: Švédsko
  • Země určení: Dánsko
  • Datum zveřejnění poptávky: 20.09.2017
  • Poptávka je platná do: 20.12.2017
  • Referenční číslo: PO201701649
Průmyslové obory:
  • Textilní, oděvní a kožedělný průmysl

Popis poptávky v českém jazyce:

Dánská obchodní firma v oblasti textilních produktů, Fimex Danmark Aps,, hledá v ČR pro dlouhodobou spolupráci výrobce textilních produktů jako je ložní prádlo, bytový textil, konfekce atd.
Bližší popis požadavků je uveden v anglickém textu této poptávky.

Popis poptávky v cizím jazyce:

Fimex is an agency who have different clients for which we take care of their production of goods.
What we specific are looking for at the moment is a smaller, flexible sewing plant that can handle smaller quantities of high quality products.
Our inquiries are more or less as follows:
- The company must be able to communicate in English or German language
- The products are lines such as quilt- and pillow covers, flat sheets and fitted sheets as well and other things related to this.
- Also different sorts of clothing could be relevant such as boxer shorts, pajamas jackets and- trousers, shirts and nightdress.
- All products are made of woven fabrics of cotton or flax. The fabric has a width of up to 310 cm and it is relatively expensive
Italian fabrics.
- Our new partner must be able to handle these fabrics and to store it carefully as we by bigger quantities and store it by our supplier
to whom we then just send orders for production. When the co-operation is running, it more or less will be standard products which are
ordered again and again in quantities of from 5 to about 100 pcs. per part number. It f.i. could be organized so that the company gets a new
order each 4. Week or something like that.
- The company has to cut, sew and pack the products as specified by us.
- Regarding prices these off course always are important, but for us the flexibility and the quality of as well the sewing itself as the
Quality of the handling and packing of the finished products are as important as the price.

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