Alternative fuel stations to get EU funds

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motiv článku - Alternative fuel stations to get EU funds Transport planners know they will be contending with booms in cars powered by electricity, natural gas and hydrogen over the next 15 years.

Given the outlook, the state, with the help of European funds, has for the first time expressly supported alternative fuels. The government has confirmed the stance by approving the National Plan for Clean Mobility.

Funds will mainly flow into the construction of infrastructure such as fast-recharge sites for electric vehicles and filling stations for automobiles running on gas. "Insufficiently dense networks along with high car purchase prices make up one of the biggest obstacles to the development of alternative fuels," said transport ministry spokesman Tomáš Neřold.

Officials are preparing a subsidy programme which should inject up to CZK 1.2bn into the construction of filling facilities over the next five years. However, as the public support will be channelled to private businesses, the European Commission must approve it. If accepted, the programme is set to commence around a year from now.

The ministerial officials' objectives are not modest. By 2020, they want to see around 1,300 recharge sites, 200 compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations and five liquefied natural gas (LNG) stations. Additionally, over 10 years, up to five hydrogen filling points should be created.

As things stand, it is only possible to charge an electric car or fill a tank with CNG at a few dozen places. For hydrogen- fuelled vehicles, there is just a single station.

Originally published in E15 weekly, economic and business newsmagazine. Author: Jan Šindelář

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