Campsites celebrate big comeback

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motiv článku - Campsites celebrate big comeback How they must have missed the great outdoors enlivened by a crackling fire and croaking frogs. After many long years, Bohemian and Moravian campsites last year welcomed more than one million guests, after a year on year gain of 21 percent.

Statistically, in terms of growth, the campsites therefore experienced the best 12 months of any accommodation category.

On average, Czech accommodation facilities grouped together drew around 10 percent more visitors in 2015, but, for example, the number of overnight guests staying at five-star hotels actually stagnated.

"The record growth in stays at the campsites among other things was a reflection of investment and associated improvements in the quality of provided services. The recent first place in the rankings of Dutch travel server can, for instance, perhaps serve as proof of that," said CzechTourism spokesperson Martina Fišerová.

Other factors in the camping revival were, according to her, the worsening security situation at some of the favourite overseas destinations of Czechs and the exchange rate policy of the Czech central bank, which has made holidays abroad more expensive.

Owner of the Konopáč autocamping site, near Heřmanův Městec, outside Pardubice, and also chairman of the Czech Association of Camping, Bohumil Starý, suggested some other elements in the fresh picture of success. "The sunny summer weather of last year favoured stays amid nature, people were drawn to the water," he said.

Starý also noted that more and more families with children, who did not have the money for a foreign holiday but at the same time wanted to spend free time away from home, were finding their way to the campsites.

Originally published in E15 weekly, economic and business newsmagazine. Author: Jan Šindelář

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