Pressure for higher film shoot incentives

21. 3. 2016 | Source:

motiv článku - Pressure for higher film shoot incentives Foreign filmmakers spent in excess of four billion crowns in the Czech Republic last year, beating 2014's CZK 3.4bn, first estimates suggest. The growth was partly driven by film production incentives introduced back in 2010.

Producers, however, are warning that it is again time to boost incentives if rewarding spending levels are to be maintained. That's because several other European countries have lately agreed to improve their own enticements.

While the Czech Republic offers to cover 20 percent of foreign film producers' validated costs, two rival countries are now offering 30 percent. "Previously this was a contest about who would actually deliver incentives, and who wouldn't.

Now it is starting to be a contest about how high countries will go with their incentives," said Radomír Dočekal, head of production company Milk and Honey and deputy chair of the Association of Audiovisual Producers.

The association was by now discussing lobbying the government to push through higher incentives, Dočekal added. It has been prompted, he said, by the opinions of representatives of major American studios who visited the Czech Republic last year and were closely observing developments across the whole of Europe.

"Right now the situation means 20 percent is sufficient thanks to our competitive ability with our current infrastructure and quality of services. But for the future we definitely need to think through and discuss whether the incentive should move up to 25 percent," Dočekal said.

Originally published in E15 weekly, economic and business newsmagazine. Author: Dušan Kütner


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