Statistics: Agriculture - 4th quarter and year 2016

13. 2. 2017 | Source: Czech Statistical Office

motiv článku - Statistics: Agriculture - 4th quarter and year 2016 In Q4 2016 the total meat production amounted to 114 374 tonnes. It increased by 1.6% for beef, declined by 3.1% for pigmeat, and rose for poultrymeat by 5.9%, y-o-y. Milk collection decreased by 1.6% to 584 649 thous. litres.

The trends of rising beef production (+5.3%) and declining pigmeat one (−3.3%) continued during 2016. The poultrymeat production went up by 3.4% compared to the previous year. Agricultural producer prices went slightly down for cattle for slaughter (−1.2%) and minutely up for pigs for slaughter (+0.8%); they declined by 1.1% for poultry for slaughter. Milk collection increased (+1.0%) but its prices were by 14.7% below the 2015 level.

Slaughtering and meat production 

In Q4 2016 the number of slaughtered cattle was 64.0 thous. head (+2.0%, y‑o‑y), of which 26.0 thous. were bulls (−5.6%), 28.2 thous. were cows (+9.0%), and 6.8 thous. were heifers (+5.2%). The total beef and veal production amounted to 18 937 tonnes (+1.6%).

The number of slaughtered pigs went down by 1.4%, y‑o‑y. In total 613.9 thous. pigs were slaughtered at average carcass weight of 117.5 kg. The pigmeat production declined to 55 060 tonnes, i.e. by 3.1%, y-o-y, and rose by 2.7% in comparison with Q3 2016.

The poultrymeat production reached 40 307 tonnes and was by 5.9% higher than in Q4 2015.

Agricultural producer prices of cattle, pigs and chicken for slaughter

In Q4 2016 agricultural producer prices of cattle for slaughter decreased, y‑o‑y, for cows (−3.2%) and heifers (−4.8%), a negligible increase was recorded for bulls (+0.6%). The average price of bulls for slaughter was 47.18 CZK per kg of live weight or 85.87 CZK per kg of carcass weight. 

Average agricultural producer prices of pigs for slaughter increased by 12.0%, y-o-y. Pigs for slaughter were sold on average for 32.69 CZK per kg of live weight or 42.49 CZK per kg of carcass weight.
Agricultural producer prices of chicken for slaughter of the first quality class went slightly down (−3.7%). Their average price was 23.09 CZK per kg of live weight.

Milk collection and agricultural producer prices of milk

In Q4 2016, dairies collected 584 649 thousand litres of milk from domestic producers and collection centres; i.e. by 1.6% less, y-o-y. Agricultural producer prices of milk were, however, by 6.5% lower than in Q4 2015. The producers sold Q-quality milk on average for 6.82 CZK per litre, i.e. by 0.67 CZK per litre more than in Q3 2016.

The year 2016 – Meat production, agricultural producer prices, and external trade

In 2016 the meat production amounted to 448 967 tonnes (+0.3%). This amount included 71 932 tonnes (+5.3%) of beef and veal, 220 334 tonnes (−3.3%) of pigmeat, 156 492 tonnes (+3.4%) of poultrymeat, 178 tonnes (−0.8%) of sheepmeat, 3 tonnes (+4.2%) of goatmeat, and 27 tonnes (−25.8%) of horsemeat.

Cattle and beef

In 2016 the beef and veal production reached 71 932 tonnes (+5.3%). Slaughtering grew up, y‑o-y, for cows (+10.1%) and heifers (+4.6%), the number of slaughtered bulls stayed at the same level (−0.2%).
Agricultural producer prices of cattle for slaughter in 2016 oscillated slightly below the 2015 level (−1.2%): they decreased for cows (−3.2%) and heifers (−3.6%), increased for calves (+8.0%), and almost did not change for the most important category – bulls (−0.2%). The average price of bulls for slaughter was 46.95 CZK per kg of live weight or 85.45 CZK per kg of carcass weight; the minimum value was recorded in May (84.80 CZK per kg) and the maximum one in December (86.44 CZK per kg).

Preliminary results of external trade in live cattle in the period from December 2015 to November 2016 showed a positive balance of 78 746 tonnes. In total 240.3 thous. head (+6.4%) were exported; imports reached 15.0 thous. head and recorded a huge increase (+42.4%), especially in the category of calves for further rearing up to 160 kg. Decreased exports of animals - mainly bulls - for slaughter were accompanied by their increased imports, primarily those of cows for slaughter.

Live cattle were imported from France, Italy, Slovakia, Austria or Belgium; main trade partners for exports were Austria and also Turkey.

The deficit of external trade in beef deepened, y-o-y. Its imports rose to 30 553 tonnes (+23.6%) and its exports to 10 335 tonnes (+22.5%). Beef was imported mostly from Poland, the Netherlands and Germany; it was exported mainly to Slovakia but also to the Netherlands and Hungary.

Pigs and pigmeat

The pigmeat production in 2016 decreased to 220 334 tonnes (−3.3%). The average carcass weight of slaughtered pigs was 115.6 kg. Agricultural producer prices of pigs for slaughter rose, on average, only minutely (+0.8%); however, the difference between the lowest (in April) and highest one (in October) was 10.31 CZK per kg of carcass weight. The average price of pigs for slaughter was 29.26 CZK per kg of live weight or 38.04 CZK per kg of carcass weight. 

The balance of external trade in live pigs in the period from December 2015 to November 2016 was positive (27 206 tonnes); increased y-o-y surplus was caused by combination of distinctly lower imports (8 079 tonnes; −49.2%) and unchanged exports (35 285 tonnes; +0.3%) in comparison with the same period of the preceding year. The trend of declining imports and increasing exports continued in the category of piglets: almost half of the piglets imported (out of the total number 209.4 thous. head) replaced ones exported from the Czech Republic (90.7 thous. head). Exports of pigs for slaughter went slightly down (to 271.5 thous. head; −3.9%) and exports of pigs for breeding declined as well to 7.4 thous. head (−25.5%). Pigs were imported from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, their exports went to Slovakia, Germany and Hungary.

The deficit of external trade in pigmeat almost did not change, y-o-y (−220 369 tonnes). In total 257 083 tonnes (+0.6%) were imported and 36 714 tonnes (+5.2%) were exported. Pigmeat came mainly from Germany, Spain and Poland; Slovakia dominated in its exports.

Poultry and poultrymeat

In 2016 the poultrymeat production rose to 156 492 tonnes (+3.4%).

Agricultural producer prices of chicken for slaughter in 2016 went slightly down (−1.1%). The average price of chicken for slaughter in the first-quality class was 23.47 CZK per kg of live weight. 

External trade in live poultry in the period from December 2015 to November 2016 showed a positive balance of 39 021 tonnes, of which imports comprised 5 271 tonnes (+0.9%) and exports 44 292 tonnes (−1.6%). Year-on-year increase to 13.7 million birds (+3.2%) was recorded for imports of day-old juveniles. Exports of day-old chicks plummeted by 19.8% to 85.8 million birds while exports of ducklings rose by 36.5% to 11.3 million birds. In total 26 542 tonnes (+4.9%) of chicks and hens for slaughter were exported; i.e. one tenth of their annual production. Live poultry were imported from Germany, Hungary and Slovakia and exported to Slovakia, Germany and Poland.

The balance of external trade in poultrymeat was negative (−80 370 tonnes); it slightly deepened, y-o-y. In total 117 415 tonnes of poultrymeat were imported, mostly from Poland and Hungary, and 37 045 tonnes were exported, mainly to Slovakia.

Milk and milk products

In 2016 the milk collection grew minutely to 2 459 million litres (+1.0%). The average price of milk of the Q quality class in 2016 was 6.71 CZK per litre (−14.7%). It declined from its maximum value in January (7.50 CZK per litre) to the minimum of 6.12 CZK per litre in August and then it slightly rose to 7.23 CZK per litre in December.

External trade in milk and milk products recorded imports of 294.6 thous. tonnes (+5.9%); exports declined to 1 040.9 thous. tonnes (−1.5%). Persisting noticeable surplus of external trade showed a y-o-y decrease in the period from December 2015 to November 2016. This result was considerably influenced by trade in the most important commodity – milk: its imports went up by 24.1% (+18.4 thous. tonnes) and exports dropped by 3.2% (−27.6 thous. tonnes). On the contrary, exports of all milk products increased (+9.3% for cheese and curd, +6.1% for acidified milk products, and +16.8% for butter). Imports went down for acidified milk products (−6.9%) and butter (−8.8%) and up for cheese and curd (+5.1%). The main trade partners for milk and milk products were Germany and Slovakia for both directions together with Poland for imports and Italy for exports.

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