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This section contains comprehensive analyses of particular industry sectors with a significant meaning for the Czech economy and a potential for further development. These include for example the automotive sector, electrical engineering and electronics, high-tech mechanical engineering or IT and software development. There are great opportunities for investment in nanothechnology, research and development, business support services, life science, cleantech, or the aerospace industry. You can also find here an overall survey of the Czech economy as well as analysis of specific sectors within the competence of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the CR.

Automotive industry

The Czech automotive industry represents one of the most developed automotive markets in the CEE region. Based on its long tradition and technical know-how, the Czech automotive sector succeeded in transitioning into a European advanced automotive base while maintaining its attractive quality/price ratio. With passenger car production at 107,5 vehicles per 1.000 persons, the Czech Republic has maintained its supreme position among world automotive leaders in terms of per-capita output.

High-tech mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering has a great history in the Czech Republic. The country`s high-level technical know-how has been shared over centuries, resulting in the world-class level of today`s mechanical engineers, who are the sector`s greatest asset. The country''s great concentration of mechanical-engineering companies makes the Czech Republic an engineering hub. The sector supplies complete equipment and machinery (including turbines, transportation and air-conditioning equipment; agricultural, food-processing and construction machinery; and machine tools) while also engineering household goods.

ICT and software development

The Czech Republic is one of Europe`s top locations for offshoring and outsourcing of IT services. Repeatedly recognized by various researchers this fact is confirmed by the strong inflow of high-value-added projects of the world`s top IT companies and is fueled by the country`s tradition of excellence in technical fields. IT companies with Czech origins are renowned worldwide for their products and services. Despite being one of the most mature IT markets in the CEE region, the Czech Republic still offers plenty of growth potential.


The Czech Republic has a growing interest in the area of nanotechnology, which is evident in the growing number of science institutes, universities and private entities that are dedicating themselves to this field. Most of them operate with unique technologies; achieve remarkable research findings and employee excellent researchers. However, some of them lack sufficient financial resources to implement bring research findings in the commercial sphere.
Such entities would welcome cooperation with strong and prestigious companies and institutions in the form of joint R&D projects or joint ventures.

Research and development

Innovation is not new to the Czech Republic. Czech academics and entrepreneurs have been successfully exploiting new ideas for generations. What is new is that the Czech Republic is now widely recognized as a centre of profitable innovation and technological entrepreneurship. Moreover, innovation throughout the economy is now being stimulated and sustatined by both Czech and international companies.

Business support services

The Czech Republic has traditionally belonged among developed industrial countries. The country`s orientation has been changing dramatically during past 25 years from an industrial hub in Central and Eastern Europe towards more services focused economy. Business Support Services sector belongs among the most dynamic ones. The most frequently shared services are financial, accounting and IT services and customer support. Rapidly growing shared services include human resources, purchasing, logistics and legal services.

Life science

The Czech Republic is home to a number of noteworthy research institutes and universities that have achieved state-of-the-art results in the areas of immunology, rheumatology and pharmaceutical chemistry and have mastered high-quality research in neurosciences, oncology, diabetes and metabolic diseases. The country sets molecular genetics and biotechnologies among the priority areas in the long-term, fundamental direction of research.

Energy and Environment

The Czech Republic is abiding by the EU strategy for sustainable development that stands for “Smarter and Cleaner Europe”. The adopted policies are supported by both the EU and national budgets and create a broad range of opportunities for investors to design, manufacture and deliver new technologies for environmental protection and energy savings for more than 700 million consumers in the European market. Technologies for reusing industrial waste in new products, increased use of renewable energy sources and support for energy savings through the introduction of new products and technologies in smart energy distribution systems are of paramount importance.

Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. The country has been producing sophisticated products such as commercial aircraft and military jets for more than 90 years. The aerospace heritage has brought extensive knowledge derived from the results of numerous aircraft tests. This has contributed to building a strong aerospace culture in which generations of designers have been able to acquire and developed advanced technical skills. The aerospace sector is largely based on sharing knowledge and experience with foreign partners and the country`s aviation specialists are eager to take part in the development of passenger aircraft and to contribute to the success of the industry not only in the Czech Republic but on a global scale by bringing the best of their past and present into the future.

Survey of the Czech economy

The Ministry of Indurstry has prepared a survey of the Czech economy which povides a picture of long term development and the current situation in specific sectors of the Czech manufacturing industry.

More information

A list of selected branch directories (e. g. Czech Building Companies, Textile and Clothing Industry, Agricultural and Forestry Machinery, Automotive Industry Association, Catalogue of the Czech Defense Industry, Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Engineering Technique, Directory Information Technology & Telecommunications Organizations, Glass, Cramics and Jewellery Manufacturers of the Czech Republic).

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