Close your business

motiv článku - Close your business Closing a business is sometimes a must. How to do it the easiest way? Read what is necessary to do.

  • Winding up

    First, it is necessary to differentiate two basic terms – dissolution and termination. A business corporation’s existence is terminated on the day of its erasure from the Commercial Register, however each such termination is preceded by a dissolution process, consisting of several sub-stages depending on whether the corporation is to be dissolved with or without liquidation.

  • Change of business entity

    The text gives details of the two basic methods of the change of the business entity – the transfer of an interest in a company and the transfer of a certain part of the business activities. In addition, the text contains other information and useful links relating to these issues.

  • Dismissing staff

    An employment contract may end above all based on a legal act toward its termination, made by one of the participants (employee or employer); an employment contract may be terminated based on an agreement on termination of employment, notice, immediate cancellation, or termination in the probation period.

  • Bankruptcy

    The text deals with issues related to financial difficulties and it provides useful information on bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings as well as methods and procedures forhandling such situations.