Grow your business

motiv článku - Grow your business How to move your business to the higher level? These part sums up information about funding programs, business advisory services or advices how to place a product on a market.

  • Funding programmes

  • Business advisory service

    Trade support institutions or trade promotion institutions are a good starting point when looking for business opportunities and company information. Therefore, it is helpful to obtain contact information on existing trade support institutions that can help find other sources, direct company contacts, business opportunities or other trade information.

  • Sales, advertising, promotion

    There are no customs duties, quotas or quantitative restrictions on the EU internal market. Generally speaking, any quantity of any goods can be imported or exported to/from any member state. However, placing a product on a market can sometimes be rather complicated. If a product falls within a category of non-harmonized goods, member states apply their national legislation which can and often does differ significantly.