Plan your business

motiv článku - Plan your business This section sums up important information about starting a business in the Czech Republic. It also offers division of enterprises by law and brings useful help in setting up a new business or taking over a business. You may also find here useful information on integration of foreigners in the CR.

  • General information

    Free movement of services and freedom of establishment (the right of a EU citizen to do business and live in another country) are, together with the free movement of goods, free movement of capital and free movement of persons, the basic freedoms of the common EU internal market. The text sums up basic information about providing services in the Czech Republic and other EU countries.

  • Business plan

  • Permanent establishment

    Every EU citizen has the right to establish a business in a host Member State under the same conditions that apply for entrepreneurs from the Host Member State itself.

  • Cross-border provision of services

    The cross-border provision of services means that businesses and entrepreneurs from any EU Member State can provide services on a temporary and/or occasional basis in the territory of another Member State, without having to establish a business in the host country.

  • Start up support and facilities

    Dear visitor, please feel free to get in touch with the experts at our physical Points of Single Contact or with the experts at the Points of Single Contact of other member states. You’ll find all the necessary contact details in this section.