Run your business

motiv článku - Run your business Do you need to know everything important about area of human resources management, compulsory duties - related to accounting and audit - needed for running business in the Czech Republic, environmental rules or company´s legal obligations towards the environment and dealing with their employees as a part of the companies responsibility? Find it out in these section.

  • Business premises

  • Working Environment and employment

    An important area of human resources management is acquisition and selection of employees, their motivation to desired employment performance, education and development of employees. Entrepreneurs in the area of human resources must proceed in compliance with a number of legal regulations.

  • Accounting and financial reporting

    The text summarises compulsory duties - related to accounting and audit - needed for running business in the Czech Republic.

  • Health and safety obligations

    Legal framework regulating occupational health and safety in the Czech Republic

  • Environmental Rules

    The text contains legal regulations, an overview of environmental protection tools and other information about protection and evaluation in the area of the environment in the Czech Republic.

  • Intellectual and industrial property

    Intellectual Property refers to exclusive rights to manage literary and artistic works, inventions and other intangible results of the process of the human creativity, exploration and mind. Intellectual property is divided into Copyright Protection and Industrial Property Rights.

  • Consumer protection

    Key requirements related to consumer protection

  • Statistical reporting

    The text contains important information about entities dealing with collection of statistical data and administrative procedures of collecting data in the Czech Republic.