Health and safety obligations

motiv článku - Health and safety obligations The section deals with companies legal obligations towards the environment and their employees as a part of the companies responsibility.

  • Meeting Social Rules

    The text contains important information on social rules in the Czech Republic. It concerns obligations, regulations, institutions or standards.

Environment – Companies have a key role to play in curbing pollution and climate change by minimising their greenhouse gas emissions, managing waste efficiently and using natural resources responsibly. Going green may seem costly in the short term, but in the longer term it can be good for business, enhancing competitiveness, promoting innovation and generating new clients.

Employees – Businesses have obligations regarding labour law and work organisation. They are legally required to prevent discrimination at work, ensure that all employees - men and women, local and foreign employees - are treated equally and guarantee the safety and health of workers in every aspect related to the work. Improving lifelong learning and social dialogue also help build a better workplace.

Voluntary action – All businesses must meet the minimum rules required by law, but forward-thinking companies can develop environmental and social strategies that go beyond the minimum requirements. This approach contributes to enhancing competitiveness, as well as the sustainability of business operations, and helps to achieve economic success over the long term.