Start your business

motiv článku - Start your business Here you will find out conditions for conduct trade activities in the Czech Republic, as well as how to comply with the Czech rules on the value-added tax (VAT), how you can post your workers to the Czech Republic, if the service you want to provide is regulated in the Czech Republic and many other important information.

  • Get started

    This section sums up important information about starting a business in the Czech Republic. It also offers division of enterprises by law and brings useful help in setting up a new business – either as a natural person or as a legal entity.

  • Licences and permits, rules and regulation schemes (requirements for cross-border provision)

    Foreign legal entities are allowed to conduct trade activities under the same conditions and to the same extent as Czech entrepreneurs. They may become founders or cofounders of a company, or may join an existing Czech company. Foreign companies may operate in the Czech Republic, either by establishing a branch office registered in the Czech Republic or by establishing a Czech company. The following document provides useful information on the process of establishing a new company under the Czech law.

  • Qualification requirements and regulated professions

    A service provider wishing to provide cross-border services in the Czech Republic first has to find out whether the service he wants to provide is regulated in the Czech Republic. You can find all the regulated professions/activities in the Czech Republic in the Database of regulated professions and activities in the Czech Republic.

  • Registration of legal form of business

    Business corporations are commercial companies and cooperatives. The commercial companies are unlimited partnership (veřejná obchodní společnost – v. o. s.), limited partnership (komanditní společnost – k. s.), limited-liability company (společnost s ručením omezeným – s. r. o.) and joint-stock company (akciová společnost – a. s.). All corporations are registered in a Commercial Register. No corporation can exist without such registration.

  • Taxes, VAT and other fees

    If you are doing business in Czech Republic, you will be responsible for paying taxes in accordance with the tax legislation in force Czech Republic.

  • Social and health insurance

    The social insurance system includes basic compulsory pension insurance and sickness insurance. Apart from social security premiums, contributions to the state employment policy are also collected within the scope of the system.

  • Posting of workers

    A company from the EU can post its workers to the Czech Republic only for the temporary and/or occasional provision of services that are at the same time being provided in its country of origin at the same time.

  • Step by step guidelines

    A person interested in doing business needs to know regulations related to the activity he/she intends to conduct, conditions that have to met, and permissions, certificates and stamps that have to be acquired. He/she is also concerned if application forms are available, where to send them and what happens to them afterwards.