2019 Tainan International Biotechnology and Green Technology Expo

Místo konání:
Commercial Exhibition Center Tainan, Tainan Tchaj-wan
Země určení:
Tchaj-wan Tchaj-wan
Typ akce:
Veletrh, výstava
Datum konání:
27. 09. 2019 - 30. 09. 2019

Biotechnology is recognized as the one of the star industries in the 21st century and has been promoted by the Tainan City Government with tremendous efforts over the years. The previous held 8 editions (consecutive years) of this exhibition organized by the Tainan City Government has been built a bridge between high quality basic research and commercialization of the research results. This year, with the high recognition and expectation from many partners/vendors, through professional planning, this exhibition aims to make Tainan a city of “Biotechnology Wonder” by combining the local industrial development advantages of Tainan, deepening the industrial clustering effect and strengthening the basic structure of industrial development.   

With more global awareness on environmental protection, the green economy has become the mainstream of the future economy while the green industry is one of the six major emerging industries promoted by the Taiwan Executive Yuan. The Tainan City Government has been actively promoting green energy industry in recent years and spared no efforts in the development of PV, electric vehicles, water saving, modern agriculture and environmental building material industries with track record. It is the City Government’s hope that this event, with the upstream, midstream and downstream vendors and the academic institutions participated, will generate a industry clustering effect to echo the reputation of Tainan as a “green and low-carbon city”.

Expo areas:

  •  Innovative Area:
    • Innovations of the industry, educational institutions, research institutions, innovation incubation centers.
  • International Industries Area:
    • Overseas manufacturers, etc.
  • Biotechnology Area:
    • Medical Equipment Section: rehabilitation equipment, therapy equipment, general medical aids, diagnostic equipment, medical detection equipment, etc.
    • Beauty and Healthcare Section: local beauty care products, fitness products, massage chairs …… etc.
    • Health Food Section: health foods, etc.
    • Biotech Equipment and Products Section.
  •  Green Energy Area:
    • Photovoltaic Section: solar panels, solar modules, etc.
    • Energy Saving Section: LED bulbs and lamps, energy-saving home appliances, hydrogen electromagnetic products, ESCOs, smart grids, green mark appliances, etc.
    • EV Section: electric cars, electric scooters, electric bikes, etc.
    • Green Building Materials Section: latest environmentally friendly building materials.
    • Green Energy Science City: Shalun Green Energy Science City
    • Green Energy Equipment and Other Products Section
    • Green Power Generation Section

Více informací o veletrhu naleznete na webových stránkách Tainan International Biotechnology and Green Technology Expo.


Případní zájemci o účast na tomto veletrhu vyplní závazný přihlašovací formulář a zašle přímo organizátorovi (Richard Wang tel: 886-6-270-1815, fax: 886-6-270-1196, E: richard.wang@ctee.com.tw) nejpozději do 30. 6. 2019.


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