CERN - Elektrická energie

4. 10. 2019

  • Země: Švýcarsko
  • Datum publikování: 04.10.2019
  • Datum uzávěrky: 31.10.2019 13:00
  • Referenční číslo: TE201900878
  • Stav tendru: výzva k projevení zájmu
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  • Energetika


Výzva k projevení zájmu pro dodavatele elektrické energie pro CERN.

Popis tendru, projektu:

CERN hledá dodavatele elektrické energie.
Bližší informace jsou pro vážné zájemce k dispozici na vyžádání.

Popis tendru, projektu v cizím jazyce:

CERN intends to place a Contract for the supply of up to 1.4 TWh of electrical energy per year, with a peak power of 230 MW, to operate CERN’s accelerators, experiments, technical infrastructure and tertiary facilities. The Contractor shall also act as the Balance Responsible Party2 (BRP) for the energy supplied to CERN, and be duly recognized by RTE in this capacity for the entire duration of the Contract. The supply of electrical energy, together with the balance responsibility, are hereinafter referred to, in whole or in part, as the “Supply”, as defined in Technical Description, and in accordance with the criteria defined in the Qualification Questionnaire (available on request). The delivery shall be done only through CERN’s French grid connections. The adjudication basis for this Invitation to Tender is intended to be Best Value For Money. The detailed adjudication rules will be defined in the Invitation to Tender.

Kontaktní informace:

  • Kontaktní osoba: Ing. Veselý Oldřich, odborný pracovník
  • Telefon: +420224907595
  • Mobil: +420 724 334 189
  • E-mail:
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