Minerální voda pro čínský e-commerce

23. 10. 2019

  • Země zadání: Čína
  • Země určení: Čína
  • Datum zveřejnění poptávky: 23.10.2019
  • Poptávka je platná do: 25.11.2019
  • Referenční číslo: PO201900897
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  • Potravinářský průmysl

Popis poptávky v českém jazyce:

Čínská e-commerce, provozovaná předním provozovatelem retail obchodů se zdravými potravinami v ČLR , hledá české dodavatele minerální a stolní balené vody.
Poptávající si nepřeje být v první fázi jmenován.Pro bližší informace prosíme o zaslání propagačních materiálů (stručný katalog výrobků) a krátkou prezentaci společnosti na níže uvedenou kontaktní osobu, která tyto předá zahraniční kanceláři CzechTrade Šanghaji k postoupení poptávajícímu.

Popis poptávky v cizím jazyce:

We are e-commerce company dedicated to bringing safe and healthy food to Chinese families. We are proud to present over 3,000 kinds of organic, green and non-GMO food at your option, covering a wide range of fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, grain and oil, dairy products, wine and beverage, snacks, baby products, household ware and much more. Our farm is located in Miyun, a picturesque county in the northeastern suburb of Beijing, where fresh produce grow with only three essential elements: soil, water and air. We practice traditional cultivation methods, and believe that growing naturally is the key to recreate the purest tastes held in our memory. Our farm is also a great place for a family getaway on weekends, providing city-dwellers rare opportunities to embrace the nature. We ensure the highest quality of food from farm to fork by performing tests for every product on a molecular level at our state-of-the-art lab. We adopt two global leading quality control standards targeting 185 types of pesticide residue, 31 types of veterinary medicine residue and 5 types of heavy metal content for all raw food as well as over 2000 types of additives for packaged food. Our lab issues traceable safety control report for every product for our customers’ peace of mind. Our foods come from different latitudes and longitudes. Professional buyers at our company travel around the world to find the best tastes from all corners of the world. We work in close partnership with embassies, associations and food experts home and abroad to select only the premium and credible food brands for our customers. We select food with caution and transport it with even more care. With a cold chain delivery, we products reach your doorstep with original quality and taste. Our green and durable ice packs can keep your deliver cool for hours, retaining the best flavor of your frozen products. Our commitment to safe and healthy food is endorsed by Chinese top chefs and dieticians. Our celebrity chefs are ready to prepare Chinese, Western and creative recipes tailored to different seasons and occasions using our products, turning cooking into a simple and enjoyable culinary experience. In addition, our nutritionist develops a scientific and balanced dietary plan for the whole family. Not only bringing Chinese households safe and healthy food choices, we also promotes green and earth-friendly lifestyle, brings our clients exotic culture experience and enriches people’s lives with love.

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