Seznam projektů financovaných z fondů vnější spolupráce EU

13. 9. 2018 | Zdroj: Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí (MZV)

Tento seznam je pravidelně zpracováván Stálým zastoupením ČR při EU.

Předběžná oznámení:


Ukraine – Improvement of legislation, control and awareness in food safety, animal health and welfare in Ukraine

The project is aimed at supporting the implementation of the provisions of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine concerning food safety, animal health and welfare. It will notably contribute to raise the capacities of both the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food and the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection in designing and implementing key reforms in these sectors and enhance the functionality of Ukraine’s services, control and infrastructure system in a gradual alignment with relevant EU and other international standards.


Nigeria – Technical Assistance to improve EU visibility in policy areas and development cooperation

The purpose of the potential services is to provide technical advice and support to the European Union Delegation to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the design and implementation of a range of activities and events of public outreach, policy dialogue, economic diplomacy, visibility and cultural expression; which is aimed at increasing awareness among the Nigerian general public about

  • the role and importance of the EU and its programmes in Nigeria's development;
  • the shared values and principles underpinning the EU’s relationship with Nigeria.
  • issues of the European Union of relevance to Nigeria;

 It will also involve the analysis of the current level of EU visibility and the impact of the proposed activities vis a vis the target groups/new target audience at different phases of the project, to assess the level of interest/awareness of the Nigerian public.


Albania – Establishment of computer based solutions to enable implementation of several components and control mechanism

The subject of the contract is the supply, manufacture, delivery, unloading, installation, commissioning, maintenance, after-sales service by the Contractor of ICT solutions and equipment (e.g. servers, switches, application delivery controllers, software platforms and applications) with the purpose to establish a computer based solutions to enable implementation of several components and control mechanisms, i.e.:

  1. To enhance the Human Resources Management System (HRMIS) functionality with electronic certificates (Component 1);
  2. To develop an information system that will assist in strengthening the evaluation and testing processes of the Civil Service as well as provide support to the professional development of civil servants (Component 2);
  3. To establish a solution that will enable the Albanian Public Administration to create a central repository of Government processes, thus fostering process standardization and enabling centralized access and monitoring (Component 3);

To establish a centralized computer platform that will improve access to information as well as facilitate the collection and processing of data regarding civil servants, thus attaining standardization of information exchanged and better management of information technology resources (Component 4).

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Support to NIPAC in the programming of Pre-Accession Assistance Bosnia and Herzegovina

To support the National IPA Coordinator's (NIPAC) Office and all other relevant institutions and stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina at different levels of governance in fulfilling the requirements necessary for efficient and effective programming and absorption of EU pre-accession assistance.

Turkey – Technical Assistance and Supervision for Trabzon Water Supply Project

To undertake technical assistance and supervision of water supply system.

The services to be provided will include, but not necessarily be limited to: 

  • Technical assistance to the End-Recipient
  • Design review to the extent specified in the Works Contracts
  • Supervision services in full compliance with the duties and responsibilities of the engineer as prescribed in the FIDIC Red Book,
  • Consultancy services to the Contracting Authority regarding contract/claims management,

Supervision and approval of all the tasks during taking over/final acceptance procedures.

Oznámení o veřejných zakázkách:


All countries – Supply and installation of automatic traffic counting equipment

The subject of the Contract is supply, delivery, unloading, installation, putting into operation, testing and training by the Contractor of traffic counting and classification equipment for the end recipient (Ministry of Transport, Directorate for Transport), consisting inter alia of the following:

  • 64 permanent traffic counting and classification (hereinafter TCC) units, their on-site assembly and installation on the field;
  • one central server and two survey portable computers with operating systems for communication with the new TCC units, storing and presentation of data on traffic loads conditions;
  • software for collection, processing and presentation of data from TCC units both locally and remotely (data base, software for data collecting, software for data processing and presentation);
  • training for end recipient’s staff in operating with required supplies and software.

Albania – Supply of vehicles for standard and specialized operations for the Albanian State Police

This contract aims to supply and deliver vehicles for the Albanian State Police which will be used by general patrol structures for standard and specialized operations. These vehicles will be used for patrolling, policing, transport of police officers of frontline service and to conduct frontline operations such as antidrug, border and migration police activities. There are two lots: 1. (Vans) Mono brand two wheel drive Vans (8+1 seats), 2. Mono brand off road four wheel drive SUV.

FYROM – Adaptation/Refurbishment of the Basic Public Prosecution Office

The works contract shall cover works on adaptation/refurbishment of basic Public Prosecutor’s Offices. Works will be implemented under PRAG Conditions of Contract. In order to improve the overall conditions of judicial institutions in the country, to a more effective justice sector reforms in line with EU and international standards will include: construction of the facilities of the 11 PPO’s countrywide. It is foreseen that the reconstruction of these facilities will include adaptation of the premises in accordance the standards required and include the basic replacement of indoor enterer, with indoor and outdoor electrical installations, the toilets, improving the heating installations, equipping the premises.

FYROM – Supply of equipment for implementation of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery System and modernization of the IT infrastructure in the MoI HQ

The purpose of this contract is supply, delivery, unloading, installation, integration with the existing system, testing, commissioning and putting into operation of adequate technical equipment (hardware and software and HVAC) including training (if applicable), design (if applicable), development (if applicable), migration (if applicable) and final roll-out of all systems for establishing of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Data Center of the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Serbia – Supply of Equipment for the Reception Center for the Asylum Seekers

The purpose of the project is supply, delivery and commissioning of the equipment necessary for functioning of the reception center for the asylum seekers in Serbia gardening equipment and tools, power tools, uniforms, home appliances, furniture, educational equipment, sports equipment, IT equipment, kitchen equipment and machinery.

Turkey – Supply of Vaccines for Control and Prevention of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)

The aim of the contract is to control and prevent LSD through vaccination of cattle in Thrace region with LSD vaccine and vaccination of cattle in Anatolia with Sheep and Goat Pox vaccine. The subject of the contract is supply, delivery, commissioning, testing, inspection and warranty services of vaccines for control and prevention of LSD.

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