Seznam projektů financovaných z fondů vnější spolupráce EU

13. 12. 2018 | Zdroj: Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí (MZV)

Tento seznam je pravidelně zpracováván Stálým zastoupením ČR při EU.

Předběžná oznámení:


FYROM – Rehabilitation of State road A2 Kumanovo Stracin, section I (km.0+000 km.15+195)

The scope of this project is Rehabilitation of State road A2 Kumanovo – Stracin, only section I (km.0+000 – km.15+195). The actual length of this section is 15.2 km.  

The contract for works will be in accordance with FIDIC conditions of contract (Red Book - First Edition 1999, Conditions of Contract). Works contract will include activities related to: rehabilitation of carriageway with length of 15.2 km, repairing works on 6 culverts and 2 bridges, rehabilitation works on 2 interchanges, electrical works on interchange, posting of road equipment and road marking as well as implementation of environmental mitigation measures.

FYROM – Reconstruction and upgrade of road section Prilep – bridge on Lenishka river and Construction of third lane of road section v. Belovodica – Mavrovo quarry

The contract for works will be in accordance with FIDIC conditions of contract (Red Book - First Edition 1999, Conditions of Contract). Works contract will include activities related to:

Reconstruction and upgrade of the road from Prilep to the bridge on Leniska River, about 3 km long to the standards of an expressway and Rehabilitation and construction of a third lane from Belovodica village to the bridge of Mavrovo quarry, about 4.5 km long.

Montenegro – Integration of key competences into the education system of Montenegro

This contract is aimed to support Ministry of Education, Bureau for Education Services, Examination Centre and education institutions in the designing, management and implementation of the activities for improvement of the quality of education, through development of the national key competence framework, integration of the key competence indicators into the quality assurance mechanisms and capacity building, with focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Serbia – Supervision of the modernization and rehabilitation of the railway section Ni - Brestovac

Supervision services according to the relevant national legislation and fulfilling all duties of the 'FIDIC Engineer' as specified in the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build Contract (Yellow Book - First Edition, 1999), for modernization and rehabilitation of all sub-systems of app. 23 km (app. 34 km including tracks in stations and two track sections) of the electrified single-track public railway line from Niš to Brestovac as a part of Corridor X.

Turkey – Technical Assistance for Renewable Youth Energy Operation

The objective of the contract is to support the South Marmara Development Agency and its partners by enhancing their institutional capacities in fields including but not limited to delivering trainings to young people on renewable energy systems, providing career oriented courses and job search assistance services, organizing awareness raising activities, drafting market analysis report, developing curriculum and text book of renewable energy system, organizing career days, study visits, workshops and conferences, etc.

Turkey – Supply of Equipment for the Renewable Youth Energy Operation

The purpose of this contract is to improve institutional capacities of the Continuing Education Centers and the Career & Counselling Units of Balıkesir University and Çanakkale 18 Mart University through relevant equipment that will allow establishing renewable energy system trainings.

Indicative number and titles of Lots

  • Lot 1: Solar Energy Training Kit
  • Lot 2: Wind Energy Training Kit
  • Lot 3: Biogas Energy Training Kit
  • Lot 4: Information Technology & Electronic Equipment
  • Lot 5: Vehicles

Oznámení o veřejných zakázkách:


Paraguay – Asistencia técnica para el fortalecimiento del marco institucional, normativo y de servicios en áreas de competitividad de las MIPYMEs y de integración de cadenas de valor

El programa de "Apoyo a la mejora de la competitividad de las MIPYME y el entorno empresarial en Paraguay" tiene como objetivo abordar los principales factores que inciden en la competitividad de las MIPYME. El programa reforzará el marco normativo para el desarrollo de las MIPYME y la implementación de políticas y servicios de las relevantes instituciones públicas relacionadas con las MIPYME. También mejorará el clima de negocios mediante la reducción de las cargas administrativas y la promoción de reformas del marco regulatorio de negocios, para que se favorezcan el clima de negocios, el comercio y la inversión. Además, fortalecerá a las organizaciones del sector privado para que mejoren sus servicios de desarrollo empresarial y que brinden un apoyo más eficiente a las MIPYME, así como promoverá el diálogo y alianzas público/privado en los temas de políticas relevantes, incluyendo el desarrollo tecnológico y la innovación.

En este marco, el presente contrato de servicio proporcionará asistencia técnica para fortalecer las capacidades de las instituciones públicas en la implementación de políticas y servicios en áreas que afectan la competitividad de las MIPYME. Esto incluye, entre otros, la formalización de empresas, el acceso a la financiación, el mejoramiento de la calidad de la producción, el establecimiento y la implementación de estándares y normas de laboratorio y certificación para las MIPYMES, y de facilitación de comercio. Se brindará apoyo técnico en el diseño de políticas e instrumentos para la innovación tecnológica y en el mejoramiento de las capacidades institucionales para cumplir con los estándares de las normas internacionales. Adicionalmente, se proporcionará asistencia técnica para garantizar la coordinación interinstitucional del programa y del sector.


Africa – Technical Assistance to the African Union - Infrastructure Support Mechanism (ISM)

The Technical Assistance will contribute to the overall objective of the action which is to boost African continental economic integration and EU-Africa economic integration. It will support the African Union (in particular the African Union Commission and the New Partnership for Africa's Development/NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency) in the prioritization, programming and implementation processes related to the infrastructure cooperation agenda.

The Technical Assistance will aim at covering the following main tasks:

  • Support to AU-UE infrastructure cooperation with specific focus on the implementation of the commitments of the 5th AU-EU Summit;
  • Support to the elaboration and implementation of the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) Priority Action Plan 2 (PAP 2);
  • Support to the Joint Africa EU Strategy (JAES) Reference Group on Infrastructure (RGI) and to cross-sectoral infrastructure coordination in the transport, energy, water and digital domains;
  • Support to the strengthening of synergies between the AU and EU instruments, with focus on the PIDA and the EU External Investment Plan (EIP).


All countries – Enhancing the capabilities of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s Emergency Management Centre in preparedness for and response to a nuclear or radiological emergency Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

The aim of the project is to provide the GCC EMC located in the State of Kuwait with operational, ‘state of the art’, tools to support it in making arrangements for, and managing (in a more timely, reliable and coherent manner), any future radiological or nuclear emergency that may affect the GCC region (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates).

This will be achieved by the installation of the JRODOS decision support system in the GCC EMC, its customisation to the GCC region, linking it in real time to radiation monitoring networks in GCC Member States and to meteorological data, and bringing the system into full operational use. The project will comprise three main elements: firstly, ‘proof of concept’ will be demonstrated by customisation of JRODOS for, and linking it to monitoring networks in, one GCC Member State (namely, the State of Kuwait); secondly, following demonstration of the ‘proof of concept’, the system will be customised for the whole of the GCC region and linked in real time to monitoring networks in each of its MS via the GCC-RDEP; and, thirdly, a comprehensive and sustainable training programme will be developed in order to maintain a high level of competence and ‘readiness’ in the use of JRODOS to support decision making in the GCC region following any future radiological or nuclear emergency.


Bosna and Herzegovina – Enhance the quality and safety of information exchange among LEAs in BiH

The purpose of the EU support is to strengthen the fight against organised crime, corruption and other forms of crime by reinforcing the co-operation between law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and the prosecution. BiH as a potential EU candidate should ensure that its LEAs are independent, efficient, accountable and have the capacity to fight corruption and organised crime in line with EU standards and practices.

Over the past years, the EU supported establishment of joint integrated information system that enables exchange of data between different key actors who actively work in the law enforcement sector in BiH. The data exchange system became operational with EU support in 2013. Procurement of the listed IT equipment and technical solutions will upgrade the current complex system(s) to ensure the safety of the transfer system (network level, WAN and LAN), protection from unauthorized use as well as damaging and modifying, safekeeping data.

Number and title of the lots:

  • LOT 1: Computers and peripheral hardware devices
  • LOT 2: Server and storage equipment and network equipment
  • LOT 3: Server room equipping
  • LOT 4: Certificate Authority equipment
  • LOT 5: Law enforcement information system for the Police
  • LOT 6: Software
  • LOT 7: Smart Cards
  • LOT 8: Hardware equipment for implementation of digital signing and two factor authentication

Montenegro – Service of laboratory equipment and light traps for control and prevention of lumpy skin disease (LSD)

The overall objective of this contract is to modernize the vocational education and training system of Montenegro for equipping learners for lifelong learning and employment that follows modern rapid technological development, new labour market jobs and overcomes the lack of skills needed in the labour market. These objectives will be achieved through the development of professional qualifications and training of teachers and in-company trainers.

Further development of qualifications and programmes should enable prompt reaction to current labour market and societal needs, to be in line with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The modernization of the curriculum and increase in the scope and quality of work-based learning will empower youth for the labour market challenges and it will facilitate the young to make transition from school to work and/or further education and lifelong learning.

The consultant will be required to implement the following services within the scope of the project, as project outcomes:

  • Better provision of VET integrating learning outcomes and new occupational and qualifications standards, and improved links with employers and key stakeholders;
  • Trained teachers and in-company instructors to develop and implement modularized curricula, produce instructional materials and conduct practical lessons in dual education;

Improved practical education and cooperation between VET and business sectors, due to quality mechanisms set for improving practical lessons and learning at schools and workplaces.

Serbia – Joint Forest fire monitoring and suppression in Western Serbia

This supply contract aims at increasing the capacity of the forest operator of the Republic of Serbia to detect forest fires, transfer the information and reduce reaction time through the procurement of a monitoring system based on cameras and UAVs, soft- and hardware for data acquisition and transmission as well as training of relevant staff for the use of the procured equipment.

Serbia – Supply of IT equipment and software for the establishment of a single ''National centralized criminal intelligence system'' (NCIS)

The subject of the contract is the provision of ICT equipment, security equipment, software solutions and analytical tools for strengthening capacities within Home Affairs Sector for the fight against organized crime by the establishment of a single "national centralised criminal intelligence system" (NCIS). The specific subject of the contract is the supply, manufacture, delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance, after-sales service, of IT equipment and software for strengthening IT capacities within Home Affairs Sector for the fight against organized crime for implementation of: Intelligence Led Policing, National Criminal Intelligence System and Strengthening international police cooperation, including necessary bundles of third-parties software licenses, and equipment.

Turkey – Technical Assistance for Implementation of Turkish Qualifications System and Framework Operation (TUYEP)

The objective of the contract is to strengthen the Vocational Qualifications Authority(VQA) institutional capacity, National Vocational Qualifications System and to enhance the implementation of the Turkish Qualifications Framework by means of training activities, meetings, briefings, awareness raising events, etc. whose target groups are including but not limited to staff of VQA, other institutions working in this of development of occupational standards and qualifications such as occupational standards setting bodies, employers’ and employees’ associations, professional organizations and personnel involved in the validation, verification and certification of the quality assurance procedures.

Turkey – Supply of Laboratory Equipment and Light Traps for Control and Prevention of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)

This contract aims to control and prevent LSD through entrapping vectors with light traps and strengthening viral diagnosis capability of Institute Laboratories of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with laboratory equipment.

The subject of this contract is the supply, delivery, commissioning, testing, inspection, training and warranty services of laboratory equipment and light traps for control and prevention of LSD in Turkey.

Turkey – Supply of Equipment for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Support for the Municipalities

The objective of this contract is to contribute to increasing share of renewable energy and to enhance energy efficient technologies in municipalities with pilot projects by means of supply, delivery, installation, commissioning, testing, inspection, training and warranty services of solar power plants, hydroelectric power plant, energy efficient water pumps and electric buses.

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