Seznam projektů financovaných z fondů vnější spolupráce EU

24. 9. 2018 | Zdroj: Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí (MZV)

Tento seznam je pravidelně zpracováván Stálým zastoupením ČR při EU.

Předběžná oznámení:

All countries – Advisory Services in the Health Sector

Provision of technical assistance (TA) to DEVCO HQ and EU Delegations, possibly limited TA to partner authorities, in the implementation and communication of health aid.


Cyprus – Improving the efficiency of the labour market measures

The purpose of this contract is to develop a labour market information system (through the automation of the current working processes in the employment services) in order to increase the efficiency of the labour market measures, and to procure the necessary equipment for the effective labour inspection activities.

Cyprus – Supply of Laboratory, Equipment and Instruments for Air and Fuel and Water Analysis

The purposes of this contract is to supply a laboratory housing container, laboratory equipment for air and fuel analysis and portable instruments for water sampling and analysis.

Installation and commissioning (including testing and calibration) of the supplies and training of the operating staff/personnel are required.

 Indicative number and titles of Lots:


FYROM – Support for state reorganisation

The overall objective of the project is to streamline and optimise the overall institutional framework, eliminate overlapping competences, ensure effective lines of accountability, enhance public service delivery and strengthen ethics, integrity, and transparency of public administration.

FYROM – 'EU for YOU' project

The purpose of the contract is to increase the level of information and public awareness about the European Union in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and about the accession process. This includes, but is not limited to: various information and communication activities with the aim of building public support for the accession process based on well-informed and realistic expectations e.g. running of the EU Information Centre, creation and implementation of strategies and information campaigns, press and media relations, events and visits management, social media, liaison and networking, production of publications and promotional materials, update of databases, research issues and other activities from the information and communication domain that are deemed necessary.

Oznámení o veřejných zakázkách:


Chad – Maitrise d´uvre déléguée de la Composante Eau, Assainissement et Hygiène (CEAH) du Programme Sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle

La composante Eau assainissement et Hygiène (CEAH) du pprojet Sécurité Alimentaire et Nutrition (SAN, prévoit la réalisation dans 5 régions du pays d'environ 40 châteaux d'eau, de 700 forages villages équipés de pompes à motricité humaine et de 200 ouvrages d'assainissement.

Le consultant qui sera recruté à l'issu du présent avis de marché assurera le rôle de la maitrise d'œuvre déléguée et sera chargée des réalisations de:

  • études économiques, sociales et d’impact environnemental;
  • études d’avant-projet détaillée pour les travaux des Adductions d’Eau Potable (AEP) et des Unités des productions Hydrauliques (UPH) et élaboration des dossiers d’appel d’offres (DAO),
  • Finalisation et/ou validation des DAO pour les travaux de forages, des pompes à motricité humaine

mise en place des dispositifs d'exploitation des points d'eau potable dans la zone d’intervention suivi et le contrôle des travaux.

Togo – Travaux de réhabilitation du barrage de Dalwak et de construction d'ouvrages de franchissement

Les travaux faisant l’objet du présent marché sont constitués de:

  • La réhabilitation de la digue et de l’accès Est à la digue du barrage de Dapaong
  • L’aménagement d’ouvrages de franchissement de la conduite d’adduction existante

Togo – Travaux de réalisation d'infrastructures de production et d'adduction d'eau potable à Atakpamé

Les travaux faisant l’objet du présent marché sont constitués de: 

  • La réhabilitation de la piste d’accès à la station de traitement d’Irobo
  • La réhabilitation de la prise d’eau d’Irobo
  • La fourniture et pose de conduite d’eau brute Irobo
  • La fourniture et pose de conduite d’adduction Irobo – Atakpamè
  • La construction de la station de traitement d’Irobo


Kosovo – EU Integration Support Facility

The overall objective of this contract will be to support and strengthen operational framework and the institutional capacity of the administration towards the EU pre-accession processes. This project will continue supporting the Ministry of European Integration focusing on three main components which are planning and programming of IPA, monitoring the implementation of IPA assistance and donor coordination.

 The purpose of this contract is to support the programming process, the inter-institutional coordination throughout the institutions and monitoring of pre-accession assistance with the aim to increase the impact of financial assistance and to improve the country’s absorption capacities of EU funds. Therefore, the project will need to work closely with Ministry of European Integration, more specifically the Department of Development Assistance, and line ministries by supporting them with technical expertise, providing advice in the areas of programming, implementation and  monitoring of EU assistance as well as ensuring that the donor coordination mechanisms function according to their mandate.

Kosovo – Sport Supplies to Schools throughout Kosovo

The subject of the contract shall be the supply and delivery of sport supplies in 107 schools in Kosovo. Details of the equipment are mentioned in the published technical specifications. The list of beneficiary schools throughout Kosovo where the supplies will be delivered will be provided within 7 working days of the signing of the Contract.

Serbia – Reconstruction of the Reception Centre for the Asylum Seekers

Reconstruction and rehabilitation of accommodation buildings, kinder garden, kitchen and dining room, heating substations and other ancillary facilities to expand capacities in the reception centre for asylum seekers in Obrenovac, Republic of Serbia. The approximate gross area of all buildings is 6000 m2. Works further include the reconstruction of the electrical supply, the sewage system and landscaping. The total area of the location is approximately 11 ha.

Serbia – Support to Science and Technology Park Belgrade for Services to Innovative Companies

The aim of the project is to support the Science Technology Park Belgrade (STP) in further capacity building and in providing improved functions/services to innovative and technology based companies. The project objectives will be implemented through the following activities.

  • Activity 1: Providing the STP´s tenants and client companies with adequate services in order to increase competitiveness of the Serbian innovation and technology development sector;
  • Activity 2: Increasing the flow of innovations and research achievements into SMEs through improved cooperation of R&D and private sector;
  • Activity 3: Developing and promoting R&D and private sector;
  • Activity 4: Improving the framework conditions and capacities of high-tech and innovative companies (the STP´s client companies) for complying with the EU harmonized legislation.

Indicatively, in the course of the project the following results on output level should be achieved:

  • Upgraded and improved services of the STP and increased competitiveness of innovation and technology development sector in Serbia;
  • Improved flow of innovations and research achievements into SMEs;
  • Concepts of R&D and STP promoted among relevant stakeholders;
  • Improved compliance of innovative and technology based companies with the EU harmonized legislation.

Turkey – Construction Works for Refurbishment and Maintenance of Removal Centres

The overall objective of this project is to advance implementation of the visa liberalisation roadmap by improving Turkey’s legal and administrative framework in Home Affairs in line with the EU acquis and EU standards. Within the scope of this contract, 5 removal centres (in Adana, Aydın, Edirne, Van and Hatay) will be renovated to comply with EU and international standards. The renovation works are planned to include but not be limited to the construction, renovation, electrical and mechanical works of existing centres. 

The contract will be implemented as per FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (Red FIDIC Book, First Edition, 1999). All works will be supervised throughout the contract period by a dedicated Supervision Company. The signature of this contract is subject to successful completion of the related supervision tender. In case of cancellation, termination, delay or suspension of the related supervision tender procedure(s) or the contract, the Contracting Authority has the right to cancel the procedure entirely or terminate the contract.

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