This section integrates answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the fields of general economic development, legal system and market access in the Czech Republic. Presented are also information on starting a business of a foreigner in the Czech Republic as well as trade contacts and trade promoting institutions.

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FAQ – Market Information

Basic information on the Czech market – where it is possible to acquire various kinds of country or market reports, specialized agencies and other data related to the state and development of the Czech market.

FAQ – Trade Contacts

Information on trade contacts and institutions – where can be found a potential Czech supplier, how to identify trade fairs in Czech Republic, adresses and profiles of trade promoting institutions, how to finnd contacts to a given company and more.

FAQ – Legal Information

Basic information on the state and development of the Czech legal system. This document provides advice how to keep abreast with the changes of the Czech legal system, where to find different regulations and legislation, model contracts and contact info on competent institutions and lawyers.

FAQ – Starting up

This document advises how to start a business in the Czech Republic, if a foreigner also needs to get a trade license and where it is possible to find adresses of trade license offices.

FAQ – Economic Information

This document provides and suggests sources of general economic information on the Czech economy – the latest exchange rates, major supply countries to the Czech market, latest GDP data and monthly economic indicators development.