About the Czech Republic

The section sums up fundamental information about the Czech Republic. It includes basic data about the Czech Republic and its historic development, presents Czech regions and concerns with political system and foreign relations of the country. Special attention is paid to economic information, transportation and property market.

  • Basic Data

    The Czech Republic is a democratic country situated in the heart of Central Europe. It is landlocked, located 326 km from the Baltic sea and 322 km from the Adriatic sea. It shares borders with Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. The population of the Czech Republic is more than 10 million inhabitants and covers an area of 78 000 km².

  • Economic Information

    This section contains general as well as specific information about the Czech economy and its market. To get an overview of the recent Czech economic performance, to compare historical data and future perspectives, it is recommended to begin with official data from the Czech Statistical Office in the section General Economic Data which contain the key data about the Czech economy, the labour market, environment and agriculture, people and society and international comparisons.

  • Czech Business News

    This section contains information concerning business news in the Czech Republic.