Provincial reconstruction team of the CR in Afganistan

The provincial reconstruction team (PRT) of the Czech Republic in Logar assists the people of Afganistan in the reconstruction of their country and the development of a stable and secure environment. The PRT works on projects having an impact in a long, medium, and short term. The most important achievements will be those that foster long-term, sustainable benefits to the Afghan people.

At the same time, “quick impact” projects are also being carried out across the province to respond to immediate needs that Afghans face in their daily lives.

Czech PRT assists in reducing poverty

  • Czech PRT helps farmers improve methods of drying fruits and vegetables. PRT donates solar dryers for agriculture cooperatives. More than 900 members of cooperatives will benefit from the project.
  • Czech PRT plans to build four milk collection centers in Logar. Thanks to modern technologies, Logar cooperatives will be able to compete on the Afghan market in the field of diary production.
  • Czech PRT donates 1,250 milk cans to farmers in Logar in order to improve the hygienic standards of final diary products.
  • Czech PRT handed over farmers four cold storages. The cold storage for storing the vegetable and fruit production, apples, potatoes and onions in particular, will benefit hundreds of cooperative farmers and will enable them to store their produce and sell it when the prices increase.
  • Over 1,000 workers from Logar work daily on PRT’s construction projects and get their salaries from these jobs every week.

PRT supports education in Logar

  • The Czech PRT’s education strategy is designed to support basic education, higher education, and literacy.
  • Eight schools for almost 12,000 children were built by the end of 2009.
  • Czech PRT has refurbished and equipped girls’ schools scorched by insurgents.

PRT’s active involvement in Logar health sector

  • In cooperation with a local NGO, PRT has purchased seven ambulance cars to serve all district hospitals.
  • Two health clinics were built providing additional bed capacity badly needed in Logar.
  • To combat shortage of medicine, PRT has supplied Logar health facilities with three to five month’s worth of medicine.
  • To complement the needs for sustainable development, PRT has financed professional and vocational trainings for hospital staff in three districts.

Strengthening Governance and PRT support for ANSF

  • The Czech Republic is committed to support democracy, the rule of law and human rights in Afghanistan by building local capacity of line ministries and strengthen their services.
  • The Czech Military Police trains Afghan National Police and civilian experts provide advice and support on improving the Police Training Academy in Logar.
  • Czech PRT has undertaken plans to retrofit five checkpoints along the Kabul-Gardez Road.
  • In line with the rule of the law program, PRT, in a joint effort with the Afghan Ministry of Justice, has funded construction of a new prison facility in central Logar.

Other activities

  • Retrofits Surchab Dam, the only working dam in Logar.
  • Czech PRT has repaired weirs and irrigation canals.
  • Reconstruction of several bridges as well as surveys of road reconstruction development projects prepared by Czechs and their Afghan partners.
  • Czech PRT repairs 30 kilometers of roads reducing travel time and increasing access to schools, clinics and markets.
  • Czech PRT supports Afghan media as a part of its broader strategy to support the democratic transition in Afghanistan.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs