Brazilian Embraer landed in the Czech Republic to discover new opportunities

26. 2. 2019 | Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of The Czech Republic

Embraer is one of the key civil and military aircraft producers in the world. Visit of the largest Brazilian innovative company to the Czech Republic from the 12th to the 14th of February 2019 was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, CzechTrade, CzechInvest and Czech Embassy in London in a follow-up to the successful meeting of the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Petr Očko with Embraer’s representatives during Farnborough Air Show in July 2018 in London.

Although Brazilian Embraer was founded already in 1969, its presence is exceeding the borders of Brazil nowadays: Its facilities and subsidiaries could be found in the US, the UK, the UAE, Portugal, France, Ireland, the Netherlands Singapore, and China. It is said to be a dream of almost every aerospace producer to become a supplier of such a significant partner. Thus there is no denying that the concrete opportunity to present proper activities and products to Embraer was exceptional and highly attractive for Czech businesses.

The three-day visit of Embraer to the Czech Republic started by a seminar with Czech companies at the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the 12th of February 2019. The morning workshop was inaugurated by the Deputy Ministers of Industry and Trade, Vladimír Bärtl and Petr Očko,together with the Deputy Minister of Defence, Pavel Beran, Ambassador of Brazil in the Czech Republic, Márcio Florêncio Nunes Cambraia and president of Embraer for EMEA region, Jorge Ramos. Subsequently, the Czech aerospace sector was presented by the representative of the Association of the Czech AeroSpace Industry, Zbyněk Hruška.

With attention to Embraer’s military production, a presentation of the Czech defence sector by president of the Defence and Security Industry Association, Jiří Hynek, could not have been missed. Together with rich experience in space technologies and strong links to the production and implementation of particular projects, opportunities in the Czech Republic were presented by the Director of Intelligent Transport Systems, Space Activities and R&D Innovation Department of the Ministry of Transport, Václav Kobera.

Furthermore, Embraer provided Czech businesses with a complete overview of its activities and supply chain characteristics, some of which were also discussed during the following B2B meetings. Opportunities for cooperation between Czech companies and Embraer were the main subject of the afternoon session comprised of specific and practically oriented consultations.

Certainly, establishing cooperation with Embraer is a great challenge, however, it is not a goal that cannot be accomplished. Indeed, existing projects of Czech companies are striking cases in point. The long-term cooperation between Embraer and Aero Vodochody is a good example, constituting one of the key pillars of the Czech-Brazilian trade relations. Overall, Brazil is an important trade partner for the Czech Republic, representing the second destination of Czech exports heading to Latin America. While trade volumes with the region keep increasing year by year, Czech exports to Brazil have risen up to the almost 7,5 billion Czech crowns (343 million USD).

Broadly speaking, the existing excellent cooperation serves as a positive testimonial for Brazilian partners that provides Czech businesses with opportunities to kick-start new activities and projects. In order to develop cooperation with such new partners Embraer’s representatives have also visited a number of Czech companies personally during their visit to the Czech Republic. As a result, they have been provided with a comprehensive overview of the Czech aerospace and defence industry, which is able to offer a wide range of products from all levels of the aerospace supply chain.

Beyond the mentioned capabilities, the Czech Republic is a country of a great innovative potential. Embraer could appreciate this fact during meetings with Czech universities and research centres. It was clear that 3D printing, Industry 4.0, Big Data and advanced software play an important role among aerospace technologies in the Czech Republic. What is more, not only is there a great concentration of strong global players from the aerospace sector and high-quality engineering companies in the Czech Republic, but there are also R&D capacities which enable to set ground for a long-term and sustainable cooperation.

Source photos: Embraer, MPO, CzechInvest

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