CTU signed a cooperation agreement with GE Aviation

15. 2. 2018 | Source: BusinessInfo.cz

The unique collaboration between the private and academic sectors will contribute to development of aerospace industry in the Czech Republic and will consolidate CTU's position in Industry 4.0.

Thanks to the combination of GE's special software and CTU's technical know-how, CTU students will be able to process terabytes of data from turboprop engine testing and compare it with the theoretical model in real-time.

GE Aviation has signed a cooperation agreement with the CTU that will enable the Center for Advanced Aerospace Research based at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering to acquire knowledge and digital models of twin modern turboprop engine to research individual monitoring system of operation and predictive maintenance of aircraft engines. Given this opportunity to improve the education of its students in the research of the manufacturing technologies of the future, CTU is the first university in Central and Eastern Europe that GE has chosen for such close cooperation.

As part of the GE Aviation cooperation agreement, CTU will help build and operate a new ground and aviation test infrastructure. The CTU will thus strengthen its experimental capacity and improve its ability to evaluate knowledge gathered using Predix, the unique GE software. The university will cooperate with the Research and Testing Aviation Institute (VZLÚ) in Prague and Czech aviation factory Orbis Avia in Hradec Králové.

Professionals and bachelor, graduate and doctoral students will be able to access GE's Predix software platform. It is a world-wide, unique industrial base with cloud storage interface. GE Aviation will provide CTU with training and necessary knowledge related to the design of turboprop engines and their digital modeling. Students will collect and analyze so-called large data based on engine outputs and testing. The knowledge gained will serve to identify potential service interventions early before they occur. This will allow you to set the correct maintenance method and optimize the total engine running costs. On the basis of data analysis, the model will develop a digital system for tracking engine operation. In addition to interesting work for its developers,

CTU also has the chance to raise students´ interest in the aviation market at the top technological level. From the synergies of GE and CTU, the entire Czech aerospace industry and the overall competitiveness of the domestic economy can benefit.

With the opening of a new aviation and space study program, CTU aims to educate around 50 graduates annually. It will include high-tech aeronautical knowledge that comes from collaboration with GE Aviation.

Source: CTU a GE Press Release

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