Czech Republic will be represented by the Snuggs start-up at the Creative Business Cup finale

4. 4. 2019 | Source: Business and Investment Development Agency (CzechInvest)

Young entrepreneur Linda Šejdová won the national round of the competition, which was held in Olomouc on the 26th March 2019.

Young entrepreneur Linda Šejdová won the Czech round of Creative Business Cup on the 26th March 2019 with her project named Snuggs. She develops menstruation panties with an absorbing layer, which can be used as full replacement of the existing sanitary means for women. She will introduce her product at the international finale of Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen in Denmark on the 1st and 2nd July 2019. The second place was awarded to the project named Optimistic Coffins, offering timeless design of funeral coffins. The start-up named Thermosolar Hives ended in the third place.

The Czech national round of Creative Business Cup, held in Divadlo na cucky in Olomouc on 26 March 2019, was attended by a total of seven innovative companies from the area of creative industries: SnuggsOptimistic CoffinsThermosolar HivesChemLight DesignImagleeFoodgroot and The Greenest Company.

“Snuggs menstruation panties present an alternative solution for women, instead of sanitary pads and tampons. We use high-quality materials in combination with nanofibers. We appreciate the fact that we on. Through the competition, we had the opportunity to meet potential partners, and we are looking forward to participating in the international round in Copenhagen,” says the author of the winning project Linda Šejdová.

The Czech national round of Creative Business Cup has been organized by CzechInvest for the second year. The aim of the competition is to connect creative entrepreneurs with investors and to support them in entering global markets, but also to support the strengthening of entrepreneurial skills and the development of inter-departmental information. More than 70 states from 5 continents are participating in the international competition. Among the supported areas, there are, for example: design, fashion, architecture, advertisement, film, photography, gastronomy, leisure activities, toys, music, radio, television, but also software, computer games or 3D printers.

“Creative economy has a huge potential to become the motive power of regional development. We perceive creativity as the key competitive advantage of Czech businesses. We are glad to be able to spread the Creative Business Cup brand throughout the regions and to introduce to the public our intention to support young, creative businesses, which become one of the priorities of local municipalities. The event was held in Olomouc, because we find this city to be one of the most active in the area of mapping and developing these fields. Each project presented at the finale is unique and zooms in the options for positive changes of environment around us,” says Zuzana Bláhová from CzechInvest.

Apart from the presentation of final awards, the visitors at Divadlo na cucky in Olomouc also enjoyed rich accompanying programme. For example, the demonstration of 3D printing of the Scientific and Technical park of Palacký University, smart shoe insoles from last year’s winners miomove, Knihář by Bookcrushers and Google Assistant by Vault42.

The general partners of the Czech national round of Creative Business Cup were Universal Robots, Cape Free,,, infoShare, Divadlo na cucky, Palacký University in Olomouc, Scientific and Technical Park of the Palacký University in Olomouc, HAVEL & PARTNERS, Vault 42 and Fundlift. Last year of the competition was won by miomove. Its directress Barbora Malaníková presented one of the awards. The entire evening was held under the patronage of the Mayor of the statutory city of Olomouc, Miroslav Žbánek. For more information on the competition, please visit

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