Electronic submission to the Trade Register from entrepreneur`s computer

15. 9. 2009 | Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of The Czech Republic

Since October 1, 2008, business entities are entitled to make electronic submission on their computers and send it (being signed by a qualified certificate of the entrepreneur) to the Trade Register Central Electronic Registry. The relevant trade licensing office being notified by the entrepreneur shall process the submission and if possible execute it in an electronic way.

The application for making and sending the submission in the format of Unified Registration Form (JRF) is placed on the public web of the Trade Register free of charge.

Electronic submission of the JRF application enables to

  • create submission for notification of any physical and legal entity new trade
  • create submission for notification of any amendment
  • put on disk respective to load from PC disk filled or partly filled submission
  • check submission as to completeness of filled items
  • sign the submission by an electronic signature, sending it to Trade Register Central Electronic Registry and creating PDF file in the JRF format for printing the forwarded submission.

The application will enable to use for filling and the numeric and other data from the public part of the Trade Register and verify the addresses UIR—ADR with the register.

For the entrepreneurs without their own PC, not willing to have their electronic signature provided that they want to fill the more complicated submission, is the analogical application on the Central Registration Points of all the trade licensing offices. The officer in cooperation with the entrepreneur will make the submission on PC, printing it in JRF format, the entrepreneur will check the data signing it with own hand. Then the submission is sent analogically, like from PC of entrepreneur, for processing in Trade Register Central Electronic Registry.

The new service of the electronic submission of JRF is further step to reduce the administrative stress of the entrepreneurs in order to simplify their contact with trade licensing offices. It is also contribution for state administration authorities. Although it lays down the demands on knowledge of trade licensing officers, it reduces data error rate and the costs connected with sending the paper documents to further authorities of public administration. The data form JRF electronic submission are transmitted — in the extent stated by Trade Licensing Act and agreement among the state departments (MPO, MPSV, ČSSZ and VZP) from the Trade Register to information systems of revenue authorities, labour offices, Czech Social Security Administration and health insurance authorities.