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1. 8. 2019 | Source: Point of Single Contact (PSC) Czech Republic

The activities of a patent attorney refer to the provision of professional assistance to natural persons and legal entities in all matters concerning industrial property, in particular their representation before state administrative authorities and in proceedings before the courts, under the condition and in the scope stipulated by the acts on court proceedings, as well as the provision of independent consulting and other services related to the protection of industrial property.

The applicant for performance of the activity of patent attorney must first obtain a certificate of professional qualification, which will be issued upon successful passing of the examination by the Industrial Property Office. Then the applicant request entry into the list of patent attorneys.

Procedure for obtaining authorisation:

  1. Application to sit a specialised patent attorney examination
  2. Application for entry into the List of patent attorneys
  3. Conclusion of insurance of liability for damages

1) Application to sit a specialised patent attorney examination

The application may be submitted in the following scope:

  1. Protection of rights to the results of technical creative activity
  2. Protecting of rights to marking
  3. Combined (a+b)

The application may be sent to the Industrial Property Office by email to (electronic signature required) or by post the address of Industrial Property Office: Úřad průmyslového vlastnictví, Institut průmyslověprávní výchovy, Antonína Čermáka 2a, 160 68 Praha 6 – Bubeneč.

The application shall be supplemented with:

  1. Certificate of completed university education (simple copy)
  2. Declaration of the intended scope of the exam (a – b – c)
  3. Receipt of payment of the examination fee (CZK 2,500 for scope a) and b) and CZK 5,000 for scope c))

    For more information on specialised patent attorney examination visit

After passing the examination, the applicant may request entry into the List of patent attorneys.

2) Application for entry into the List of patent attorneys

With the application it is necessary to submit:

  1. Extract from the criminal record
  2. Certificate of completed university education (simple copy)
  3. Document of professional experience through consistent and regular performance of activities in the field of industrial rights (at least 3 years)
  4. Document on passing of the examination (see above)

Additional information about the application and permit proceedings

Further information on the application and licensing procedure

The Chamber will enter the applicant into the list and issue a certificate within 15 days.

3) Conclusion of insurance of liability for damages

Before commencing activity, the patent attorney is required to conclude insurance of liability for damages caused by the provision of patent attorney services in the scope in which it may reasonably be assumed that the patent attorney could be subject to such liability.

Insurance may be concluded:

  1. individually
  2. within the framework of a bulk agreement concluded by the Chamber of Patent Attorneys

Upon the completion proceed to the next step

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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