Repair and installation of specified measuring instruments – registration step by step

1. 5. 2014 | Source: Point of Single Contact (PSC) Czech Republic

This activity means installing or repairing specified measuring instruments.

Registration is done by the appropriate Regional Inspectorate of the Czech Metrology Institute, where the application was made. It will check whether the applicant is qualified to perform the activities within the scope of the application. When the prerequisites are met, the Czech Metrology Institute shall issue a certificate of registration. The certificate of registration includes the conditions that the registered entity is required to follow in performing the activities within the scope of registration. If the reasons for which the registration was made cease to exist, the Czech Metrology Institute shall annul the registration.

The application for registration to repair and/or install specified measuring instruments

  • The application is submitted to the Czech Metrology Institute
  • The application shall be submitted on the form provided. It can be downloadedfrom the website of the Czech Metrology Institute.

The application shall include in particular:

  • Specification of the instruments, the repair or installation of which is to be the subject of the registered activity (types of specified measuring instruments according to a Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 345/2002 Coll., as amended
  • Data ensuring the metrological traceability of repaired or installed gauges
  • Specification of the technical, personnel and spatial conditions for performing the activities within the scope of registration
  • Name of the employee responsible for the activities within the scope of registration

The application shall include:

  • Proof of the legal status of the applicant – trade license, certificate of incorporation, other relevant document

The Office shall grant the registration within 30 days, or within an alternate period if specified; the registered activity may also be authorized by virtue of the period expiring within the meaning of the law on the freedom to provide services

The provision of the service can commence after the certificate of registration (which includes the conditions for performing the registered activity) is received, or the deadline period expires.

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