Since 2013, the Czech-Chinese trade exchange grew by 60 percent

6. 11. 2018 | Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of The Czech Republic

In the framework of the first China International Import Exhibition (CIIE 2018), in Shanghai today, the President of the Republic Milos Zeman and the Minister of Industry and Trade Marta Nováková launched the Czech-Chinese Business Forum. According to Minister Nováková, Czech-Chinese business relations have a very long tradition.

In this context, she recalled that our current mutual trade exchange built on a long-term cooperation that lasted since 1949, and on 1 October 2019, it will be 70 years since the formal establishment of mutual diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“According to our statistics, our mutual trade exchange has grown by 60% since 2013, making China the third largest trading partner for the Czech Republic last year. Traditional fields of our trade cooperation include, in particular, engineering and transport” said Marta Nováková, Czech Minister of Industry and Trade in her opening speech, adding that besides these industries, the current trade exchange also focuses on opportunities in the fields of telecommunications, aerospace, science and also in agriculture and food.

During the Czech-Chinese business forum in Shanghai, Minister Marta Nováková also expressed a hope that in the future, Czech goods will find a much wider application on the Chinese market in the context of good mutual relations. “I believe we can develop our business potential in areas such as health, aerospace, environment protection, mining, chemical and petrochemical industries, energy, agriculture and, last but not least, biotechnology and services” said the Minister for Industry and Trade Czech Republic Marta Nováková.

The Minister should also meet the members of the Shanghai City Council today. Her afternoon program will also include a tour of Czech expositions under the CIIE 2018. Today, she is going to leave Shanghai with a business accompaniment to visit China's prominent Guangzhou province, where she has another two-day program.

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