Updating the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic 2012 -2020

9. 5. 2017 | Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of The Czech Republic

motiv článku - Updating the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic 2012 -2020 At the meeting on 28 Nov. 2016, the Czech Government approved an update to the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic from 2012 to 2020 which builds on the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic for the period of 2012 -2020 approved by the CR Government on 14 March 2012.

The update of export strategy was submitted by the Minister of Industry and Trade in collaboration with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Updating the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic 2012 -2020

• proposes a more efficient use of pro-export policy tools, precisely specifies the goals and ways of achieving them, uses cooperation of export-oriented organisations, and assumes ongoing communication with company representatives and social partners.

• stems from the Foreign Policy Concept of the Czech Republic, builds on the National Innovation Strategy and also reflects on the intentions of Industry 4.0,

• complements the territorial approach with a sector-specific approach where the key markets are determined on the basis of the established sector-specific opportunities,

• a greater orientation of the export support system on cooperation in science, research and innovation to build on the results of Czech research and development through their commercial exploitation in the form of export is also assumed,

• the export strategy pillars are modified to better reflect the focus on the updated Export Strategy towards a better specification of export-oriented activities,

• three pillars were defined: financial instruments, assistance and consulting services, development of business opportunities

• three workgroups were set up for the implementation of these three pillars: ◦

  • financial instruments workgroup
  • workgroup for information and development of services for exporters
  • workgroup for developing business opportunities

• measures are set out for individual parts of the Export Strategy Update  that are supposed to ensure the fulfilment of the defined objectives

• new elements of the set of assistance and consulting services for entrepreneurs are introduced: Uniform foreign network (C.R. embassies and foreign CzechTrade offices), a Client Centre for Export, a Catalogue of Services of the Uniform Foreign Network and of a Client Centre for the provision of easy orientation and access to the services for exporters

• The Export Strategy Update also focuses on the issues of the common EU trade policy, negotiating bilateral free trade agreements; the provision of the so-called integrated service for the support of export to the EU internal market  for citizens and businesses in the internal market will continue; United contact points, SOLVIT service and ProCoP

More details on the Export Strategy Update are contained in the attachment for download.


Updating the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic 2012 -2020 - Summary (2,6 MB) 

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