The document contains the conditions for obtaining authorization to perform the activities of product conformity assessment..

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Conditions of authorization – granting authorization

The person applying for authorization must meet the requirements set out in the Act and in the relevant government regulation, depending on what sector (group of specified products) it concerns; if no government regulation provides these conditions, then the conditions set out in the Art. 11 paragraph 2, letter a) to f) of Act No. 22/1997 Coll., i.e.

  1. Professional level in relation to the conformity assessment process
  2. The absence of financial or other interests that could affect the results of the activities of the authorized body
  3. Availability of own equipment for technical and administrative activities and access to equipment for special assessments
  4. The required number of staff with special training, knowledge and skills
  5. The obligation among staff members to maintain confidentiality on matters which the authorized body learns of while performing the activity
  6. The obligation to conclude a contract, within the scope of the authorization granted, to perform tasks in accordance with the conformity assessment procedure

Application requirements

Processing the application is governed by Act No. 500/2004 Coll., Administrative Procedure Code, as amended, and the application must have the required formalities. It must contain the identification of the applicant, the subject of the application, the signature of the statutory representative of the applicant, and proof of compliance with the requirements of authorization. It must include proof demonstrating compliance with all the requirements for the proper performance of conformity assessment activities.

Further information on licence proceedings

Type of licence

  • Authorisation

Respective authority

  • The Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing

Control and supervisory bodies

  • The Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing

Application clearing deadline

  • 120 days, may be extended by 90 days


  • No payment obligation specified

Validity period of licence

  • Unlimited term for the authorisation

Legal Regulation

  • Act No. 22/1997 Sb., on technical requirements for products and amendment of and addition to certain acts

Professional liability insurance

  • The authorised entity shall enter into a damage liability insurance contract once they receive the ruling on the authorisation. The authorised entity shall submit documents evidencing the insurance policy to the Authority within 30 days of receiving the ruling on the authorisation. If no such evidence is submitted, their authorisation shall be withdrawn.

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