The document contains detailed information on terms of posting workers to EU member states including local conditions of employment. Each member state is described its notification duty, competent institutions for particular steps incl. contacts, data to be notified, sanctions for not complying with the regulations, etc.

Notification duty


Notification office

Labour department at the place where the work is pursued (Direction départementale du travail)

The list of departaments available on:,89/adresses-utiles,167/vos-interlocuteurs-en-regions,168/services,170/directions-departementales-du,172/

Tax office where posted employees must register when exceeding 183 days in France

Tax Centre at the place where the work is pursued (Centre des impôts)

The list of the centres is available on:

Period of notification of posting

No precise term is stipulated. The notification must be written in French and submitted prior to the posting as a personal delivery registered letter with a delivery confirmation, by fax or in an electronic version.

Sanctions for failure to notify

Failure to comply with the notification duty may lead to a fine of up to 750 Euro.

Notification form

The form is available on:,89/formulaires,55/etrangers-en-france,69/detachement-de-travailleurs,9542.html

Data to be notified

Company data: name, address and contacts, legal form, subject of business, identification number

Information on posting: address and contacts of the company representative in France for the period of posting, address and contacts of the client, dates and length of posting, working time

Information on posted employees: name, date of birth, citizenship, qualifications, type of work to be pursued, gross monthly salary, date of signing the contract

Maximum length of working time

35 hours a week. Exemptions from this rule apply to certain professions in the security and health sector (38 hours). Overtime work is allowed, working time may not exceed 48 hours a week.

Minimum length of a rest period

11 hours/day + 1 day a week. The employee is entitled to a 20 minute rest period as long as the working time exceeds 6 hours. Exemptions from this rule apply to certain professions in the security and health sector.

Minimum length of holidays

5 weeks a year (2.5 days per month)

Minimum wage

8.86 EUR/hour, i. e. 1,343.77 EUR/month (since 1st January, 2010)

Documents to be available at the place of pursuance of work

  • notification document
  • abstract of the Commercial Register
  • sub-delivery contract or contract on services
  • invoices
  • employees` payroll slips and their working time
  • documents on payment of health (European Health Insurance Card) and social insurance (E 101 form issued by the Czech Social Security Administration)
  • certificate on employees` health check

Necessity to translate documents

The documents have to be translated to French.

Obligation to store the documents

Accounting documents have to be stored for 10 years, other documents for 5 years.

Obligation to entrust a responsible representative


Obligation to entrust a responsible representative for receiving papers


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