The document contains detailed information on terms of posting workers to EU member states including local conditions of employment. Each member state is described its notification duty, competent institutions for particular steps incl. contacts, data to be notified, sanctions for not complying with the regulations, etc.

Notification duty

Any employee working in Sweden for more than 3 months shall register with the Migration Board (Migrationsverket). Although there are no sanctions for failure to register it is recommended doing so. A personal number is assigned with the registration which is essential for a whole range of ordinary activities in Sweden such as opening a bank account or buying a TV.

Notification office


Tax office where posted employees must register when exceeding 183 days in Sweden


Period of notification of posting


Sanctions for failure to notify


Notification form


Data to be notified


Maximum length of working time

40 hours a week for a full-time worker. A flexible working time is common; parents with children up to the age of 8 are entitled to a reduction of working time by a maximum of 25 %. Overtime work is not stipulated by law, certain restrictions are contained in collective agreements, and therefore unions play a key role.

Minimum length of a rest period

In Sweden, it is not stipulated by law but in collective agreements.

Minimum length of holidays

All employees are entitled to 25 days (5 weeks) of paid holidays per year. Some collective agreements stipulate longer paid holidays. Employees are entitled to 3 consecutive weeks of holidays in the period from June to August unless stipulated otherwise in collective agreements. Employees may take a certain part of holidays later (even more for a period of 5 years). Employees are entitled to holidays even when they have sick or maternity leaves.

Minimum wage

The minimum wage in Sweden is not set centrally; it is a result of collective negotiations of unions on one side and employers` associations on the other side.

Documents to be available at the place of pursuance of work

  • E 101 or E 102 form
  • EHIC – European Health Insurance Card
  • Identification document (passport, ID or driving licence).

Necessity to translate documents

Not set.

Obligation to store the documents Obligatory for natural persons.

Obligation to entrust a responsible representative

Every enterprise must have a responsible representative.

Obligation to entrust a responsible representative for receiving papers

Not required, it is only necessary to register the address (even an e-mail address) for sending mail/papers.

Sources of information

Information on terms of the stay in Sweden in English and many foreign languages can be found on the web site of the Migration Office.

Tax related information in foreign languages may also be found on the web site of the Financial Office.

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