Public Contracts/Procurement

The text deals with placing public procurement orders and concessions in the Czech Republic. It also includes information about basic legislation and introduces the procurement information system.

Placing public procurement orders and concessions in the Czech Republic is stipulated by the Public Procurement Act and the Act on Concession Contracts and Concession Procedure (hereinafter the „Concession Act“). The national legal regulations must generally respect fundamental principles stemming from the European Community Treaty, specifically the principle of transparency, non-discrimination, equal treatment and mutual recognition, even for those relations that are not directly governed by legal regulations of the European Community (for instance sublimit obligations).

The oversight over placing public procurement orders is carried out by the Office for the protection of competition which is the supreme state supervisory body in this area.

Public procurement orders are placed by the so called public, subsidised and sector procurer. Orders are divided by subject: into supplies (goods), services and construction work. Another form of division is the assumed level of fulfilment: over limit, sublimit, and public procurement of small size.

The assumed value then influences the form of the procurement process, for instance public – open, or for instance by addressing several applicants in a closed negotiation.Over limit public procurement orders must be published in the Trade Journal or at a Central Address.

Public procurement information system

The public procurement information system is an information system of public administration through which the Ministry for Regional Development carries out legal duties in the following areas:

  • Notice publication – this subsystem provides for the publishing duty of the procurer
  • The Ministry for Regional Development administers a list of qualified suppliers based on the Act on Public Procurement and puts on the list those suppliers who have met basic qualification criteria and professional qualification criteria according to the provisions of the act, have demonstrated meeting of the qualification requirements to the Ministry with relevant documentation and paid an administrative fee. A vendor can use an excerpt from the list of qualified suppliers in the public procurement process instead of documents showing the meeting of the basic professional qualification criteria. The procurer is obliged to accept such an excerpt from the list, provided it is not older than 3 months.
  • Administration of a list of certified supplier systems – systems of certified suppliers allow the entered suppliers to replace the required qualification in the given area of activity, or its part, with a certificate issued by an accredited person.
  • Statistical outputs on public procurement – part of the information system also contain public procurement statistics used as public information.
  • Registry of concession contracts – the registry of concession contracts is part of the information system based on the provisions of the Concession Act. The registry includes information on completed concession contracts that commenced after 1 July, 2006 and assigned in compliance with the Concession Act.
  • Strategy for eletronic public procurement orders for the period 2011–2015.

The Strategy is a document of the Czech government adopted in January 2011 for the area of implementing modern information and communication technologies into the public procurement process.


Within the info forum it is possible to ask questions regarding the Public Procurement Act and the Concession Act. Responses will be provided by the department of public investing of the Ministry for Regional Development as part of methodological assistance, based on agreed upon rules.

The following governmental and non-governmental institutions and web portals offer further information and useful services in the area of placing public procurement orders and concessions.

Personalised help and advice

The Enterprise Europe Network is an extensive network (with 600 host organisations and 4 000 full-time staff) providing information and advice to entrepreneurs through its local partners.

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