Doing Business Outside the EU

More and more often, activities of Czech entrepreneurs go not only beyond the borders of the Czech Republic but also beyond the European Union. This trend can be observed in the Czech foreign trade, foreign capital relationships (foreign investments and enterprising) and also within the framework of foreign development cooperation.

Foreign trade and foreign investments

The basic strategic document for support activities of the state towards Czech entrepreneurial entities is the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic for the period of 2012–2020.

When entering a new market, potential entrepreneurs should be interested above all in the following: information on export opportunities, representation of the home state in the given country, local economic situation, financial and tax sector, labour market, investment, possibilities of work, political orientation of the country, information on competitors, requirements regarding export products, and others.

State support of export

The system of state support of export has its own strategy and is created through a joint offer of government institutions (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the CzechTrade agency, ČEB – Czech Export Bank, EGAP – Export Guarantee and Insurance Company (Exportní garanční a pojišťovací společnost, a.s.) to clients, which enables easier navigation through the provided services, and better marketing.

There are many entities offering support in different forms. The CzechTrade agency pursues and strengthens the position of Czech exporters in the foreign markets. It is able to guide its clients through the obstacles of foreign exchange relations for the entire period of their duration, starting with a search for a potential business partner, all the way to possible participation in negotiations and signing of a contract.

Exportní garanční a pojišťovací společnost, a.s. is a state credit insurance company focused on insuring export credits against territorial and commercial risks related to export of goods and services from the Czech Republic. It also offers insurance of domestic liabilities.

Česká exportní banka (Czech Export Bank) provides financing of export credits and other services related to export.

Business-economic sections of Czech embassies abroad deal with the support of national bodies and institutions when developing bilateral contacts, preparing national statements and background materials, submitting and exchanging information, lobbying when pursuing priority interests and developing economic cooperation.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade sponsors a number of support projects for support of Czech exports and enterprising abroad


Database of export opportunities

Companies considering expansion have access to a database of export opportunities, with which they can search for business opportunities in the entire world (foreign inquiries, foreign projects and tenders, foreign investment opportunities).

The following governmental and non-governmental institutions and web portals offer further information and useful services related to doing business abroad and exporting products and services.

Personalised help and advice

State programmes of export support, implemented above all through the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Green export line is an entry gate into the offer of state services for exporters for whom it provides efficient information assistance.

The Enterprise Europe Network is an extensive network (with 600 host organisations and 4 000 full-time staff) providing information and advice to entrepreneurs through its local partners.

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