The activity lies in examining the muscles of hunted wild animals and game meat prone to trichinosis for the presence of Trichinella which shall be used by a hunter exclusively for a home consumption.

Entrepreneurs intending to conduct this activity i.e. a laboratory examination of hunted wild animals prone to trichinosis must obtain a licence from the relevant Regional Veterinary Administration. The licence shall be granted following the submission of a written application.

Application for a licence for the laboratory examination of game meat to detect the presence of Trichinella

  • An application shall be submitted to the Regional Veterinary Administration;
  • there is no statutorily prescribed form for the application (we recommend to use the „Laboratory examination of game meat“ form);
  • application requirements and conditions for obtaining the licence.

Conditions for awarding the licence and the application requirements

A documentary proof of professional eligibility must be supplemented to the application. Graduates from a five-year study programme in veterinary medicine and hygiene shall be regarded as possessing the required professional eligibility.

Where the request is submitted by a legal entity, the same documents must be provided for their expert representative and an extract from the Criminal Register for their statutory representative.

Further information on the licence proceedings

The Regional Veterinary Administration shall issue the licence within 30 days.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

Related information:

If you have any questions, you can contact Points of Single Contact (PSC) set up at 15 municipal trade licence offices in all regions. More information on PSCs.

You can write your comments and proposals in the discussion forum.

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