By official measurements we understand making a metrological activity, the result of which is certified by the authorised entity be means the issuance of a certificate. This certificate has the status of an official document.

It concerns determining the value of physical or technical quantities with measuring instruments and the procedures laid down in the authorization certificate. The value of the quantity expressed numerically by the value of the measured quantity and measurement unit is officially guaranteed. The object of determination can also consist of substances and materials.

Evaluating and comparing the results of official measurements with the values laid down by laws or other regulations are not the subject of the performance of official measurements.

Prior to making the application, those interested in the performance of this activity are advised, due to the specificity and complexity of the entire process, to complete an initial interview with the staff of the Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing that oversees the authorization to perform this activity. All information pertaining to the performance of official measurements and the requirements for applying for this authorization are available here.

The basic documents to go with the application for authorization include certificates of the professional qualifications of the people who will perform the activity. These certificates are issued upon request by accredited certification bodies that certify staff.

The basic material for the application for the grant of authorization to carry out official measurements is the certificate of metrological and technical qualifications issued by the Czech Metrology Institute.

Procedure for obtaining a license (authorization):

1) Application for a certificate of professional qualifications

  • Natural persons who will be performing official measurements must be in possession of the certificate.
  • Certification is performed by accredited certification bodies. In this case, the Czech Metrology Institute and the Czech Metrological Society

There is no statutory deadline for issuing the certificate

2) Application for a certificate of the metrological and technical qualifications for official measurements

The application shall include:

  • Certificate (or certificates) of the professional qualifications of the official measurer
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation (for legal persons). This can be obtained at any public administration contact point (so-called Czechpoint) Natural persons who are entrepreneurs shall attach a copy of their business license
  • List and the metrological parameters of all measuring instruments intended to perform official measurements, including providing their maximum permissible errors
  • Proof of ownership or contractual availability of instruments intended for performing official measurements
  • Proof of metrological traceability of measuring instruments (calibration or validation certificates)
  • List of normative technical documentation relating to the respective measurement
  • Methodology of measurement also containing the calculations of measurement uncertainties
  • Proof of qualifications if they are required for the given field of measurement by other regulations
  • Draft logbook of Official Measurements according to MPM 13-06, Annex No. 8, and draft of document on official measurements according to Annex 9 to Decree No. 262/2000 Coll., as amended
  • Other documents according to the guidelines of the Czech Metrology Institute

The Czech Metrology Institute issues a certificate; there is no deadline for issuing it.

3) Application for authorization

The application shall be supported with:

  • The requirements of the application are set out in the Art. 13 of Decree No. 262/2000 Coll., which ensures the consistency and accuracy of instruments and measurements, as amended
  • More detailed information can be found in the principles of authorization
  • More information on the application and authorization procedure

The office shall decide on the authorization within the period prescribed by the Administrative Procedure Code

Official measurements can be performed once the authorization is granted.

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