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We are a recruitment company from Poland. We have the necessary license to provide candidates for our clients. One of our international client has asked us to do this service in Czech Republic as well. Our office is in Warsaw,Poland. They have however requested from us to provide the license taken from Czech Republic. We think that the process is simple for a company from another EU state.

We do not know who can support us on this matter. Any law or consulting firm? Or do we have the right to do it automatically as being a EU company? We have noticed the below rights under the Section 14 of Czech ACT - EMPLOYMENT INTERMEDIARY SERVICES.

This shall not affect the rights of natural persons or legal entities established 17) in other
European Union Member States for the purpose of brokering employment in accordance with the legislation to provide brokering services on a temporary or isolated basis on the territory of the Czech Republic 18); however, these persons shall be required to notify the Ministry in writing of the details set forth in Section 61, paragraphs 1 or 3, and the period during which they intend to perform this activity at the latest on the day they begin these activities.

Who can support us?

Best Regards,