Calendar of Events Help

The Calendar of Events provides an overview of business and export related events. It concerns seminars, trainings, courses, trade fairs and exhibitions, foreign missions, conferences, lecturers, consulting days, discussion forums and others. Besides events organised by partner organisation of the portal, you may also find for example the list of educational seminars and courses of commercial entities.

The database of events is regularly updated. The Calendar of Events also provides a detailed overview of trade fairs and exhibitions in the Czech Republic and an overview of key exhibition events abroad – always at least for the given half a year.

Basic orientation in the Calendar of Events

When entering the section, a form for basic event search is displayed with a table below titled The Nearest Event and containing a list of events taking place in the next 30 days from the current date. This table sorts events upwardly by the date of the event. Basic characteristics of the event are described in four columns – date of the event, its name, type and location. In case the event takes place for more days (e. g. exhibitions), the time interval of the event is displayed.

By clicking on the name of the event, detailed information about the event are displayed.

The form is adapted to search events by a word contained in the event description, by the date, by the thematic scope or any of the combination of these criteria. Search by the date considers also events lasting several days. If you type 5th day of the month, the search engine will also include the exhibition taking place from the 3rd to the 8th day of the month.

After typing the desired criteria and clicking on the „Search“ button, the table with the nearest events will be replaced by the table with events searched by selected parameters.

Event Details

Event details consist of its description and contact information.

Event description contains all available important information about the event. It also usually contains a reference to the web site of the event organiser or the participation organiser where more up-to-date information can be found.

There is a ”Recommend“ button below the summary of contact information which enables to e-mail the reference to any e-mail address. The button “Print” makes it possible to print the displayed details of the event on the printer. You can return back to the List of Events by clicking on the “Back to List of Events” button in the right bottom corner.