Conducting Research

Continuous innovation not only increases competitiveness of the company“s products on the market but also represents a possibility of supporting operational profitability through implementation of new technologies. Resources invested into research thus represent effectively expended resources. However, with respect to the difficulty of carrying out research, from the point of view of finance, technology, organisation or human resources, companies look for options of support from public resources. Based on the current reform of the system of research, development and innovation in the Czech Republic, the state attempts to simplify the support of research and development for instance by programme research and development support or by providing for cooperation of public research with the users of its results from the private sector.

The text emphasizes the importance of conducting research and development as a core area of company`s development. It also includes useful information about institutions, agencies, registers and programmes related to this area.

An indirect form of public support is the opportunity for a company to decrease its tax base thanks to investment into research and development. With respect to the complexity of tax laws companies frequently use services of tax advisors.


Public administration information system

The public administration information system provides for collection, processing, provision and usage of data on research and development supported from public resources.

Grant agency of the Czech Republic

State institution supporting science and research in the form of financial grants and subsidies for its implementation

Association of Research Organisations

The Association of Research Organisations pursues especially the interests of those entities whose research and development results have been mostly commercially used. Currently, it represents more than seven and a half thousand people active in this area. It is the only association in the Czech Republic that represents applied research and development in the business sphere.

Registry of information on the results of research and development

The registry is the data area of the research and development information system that collects information on results of research and development, as well as results of research plans supported by public resources.

The following governmental and non-governmental institutions and web portals offer further information and useful services related to financing and implementation of research and development.


Framework programme of the European Union

The Framework Programme of the EU is the main tool supporting creation of the European research area. Emphasis is put on involving small and medium enterprises into projects.

Personalised help and advice

The Enterprise Europe Network is an extensive network (with 600 host organisations and 4 000 full-time staff) providing information and advice to entrepreneurs through its local partners.

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