Successful Technology Transfers

International technology transfer contributes to the commercial use of R and D results on international level as well as to the implementation of innovations with the objective to increase the competitiveness of the Czech industry and follow the sustainable development principles. The section presents selected successful cases of technology transfers that have been fully realized with the direct assistance of the Technology Centre ASCR.

The Technology Centre ASCR has been involved in the international technology transfer since the very beginning of its existence. In 1997, the Technology Centre ASCR became the co-ordinator of national transfer office-member of the european Innovation Relay Centre network. The network supported international technology and knowledge transfers mainly among European research and industrial entities for the period of 10 years. New innovative technologies developed by Czech research institutions or companies are being successfully launched in foreign markets and along with foreign R and D results applied in the Czech industry.

Since 2008, the Technology Centre ASCR has been coordinating the Czech consortium of partners as a part of the new extensive international Enterprise Europe Network (use Google translator). The network`s initiative is focused especially on SMEs with the goal to facilitate their development and optimal positioning on the international markets, among others in the area of innovations, technology and knowledge transfer.