Successful Technology Transfers

The Technology Centre ASCR has been involved in the international technology transfer since the very beginning of its existence. In 1997, the Technology Centre ASCR became the co-ordinator of national transfer office-member of the european Innovation Relay Centre network. The network supported international technology and knowledge transfers mainly among European research and industrial entities for the period of 10 years. New innovative technologies developed by Czech research institutions or companies are being successfully launched in foreign markets and along with foreign R and D results applied in the Czech industry.

International technology transfer contributes to the commercial use of R and D results on international level as well as to the implementation of innovations with the objective to increase the competitiveness of the Czech industry and follow the sustainable development principles. The section presents selected successful cases of technology transfers that have been fully realized with the direct assistance of the Technology Centre ASCR.

Since 2008, the Technology Centre ASCR has been coordinating the Czech consortium of partners as a part of the new extensive international Enterprise Europe Network (use Google translator). The network`s initiative is focused especially on SMEs with the goal to facilitate their development and optimal positioning on the international markets, among others in the area of innovations, technology and knowledge transfer.

Biomass Gasification Power Generation Unit with Combined Power and Heat Generation

18. 12. 2011
The Czech engineering company Kovo Topic focusing on manufacturing of consumer metal products, has developed a promising prototype of a power unit and started to cooperate with this technology with a Slovakian company Cheneko. The unit operates on the basis of gasification of wood or other forms of biomass and subsequent utilization of generated gas for combined heat and power generation.

Vermaktiv Stimul: Successful Verification of the Czech Plant Growth Stimulant in Spain

16. 12. 2011

Czech company Enzymix developing and manufacturing specialized products for agricultural production and ecology has introduced a new product Vermaktiv Stimul – an organomineral stimulant of plant growth and sold the technology to a Spanish company Aneccop S. Coop.

Kajman Alligator Shears

11. 12. 2011

Mistra, a Czech firm engaged in the development and production of equipment for processing scrap metal, has developed a new type of a hydraulic alligator shear for cutting steel scrap and sold the shear to the American market, including the technology assisstance. The innovative design of this product based on patented machine kinematics enables, unlike other competing technologies, to cut metal of virtually any shape, strength and size.

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant

10. 12. 2011

ASIO, a Czech engineering company specializing in the development and supply of wastewater treatment technologies, has developed a small modern wastewater treatment plant with a commercial name AS-VARIOcomp5 which was sold to a Norway.

A Universal Biomass Boiler

9. 12. 2011

The Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the CR assisted a successful transfer of a technology for a biomass boiler realised between the Czech company Step Trutnov and Slovakian Format Prešov within the Enterprise Europe Network in 2009.

Liposome Technology Used to Dye Textiles

8. 12. 2011

The University of Pardubice has successfully transfered its liposome technology used to dye textiles to a Greek company Loufakis Chemicals. The research on preparation, technical aspects and application of liposomes has been conducted in the Czech Republic by the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the University of Pardubice for quite some time.

Czech Quick Dry Adhesive Leabond PU 21

7. 12. 2011

A successful technology transfer occured in the adhesive segment of the Czech industry. The Czech company Lear, one of the leading domestic manufacturers of industrial adhesives and a supplier of comprehensive services has developed a new type of adhesive for an Estonian company A.U. Voolikuvabrik, a specialist in production of prefabricated construction parts from wood and combined materials.

Unique Czech NanospiderTM Technology

6. 12. 2011

The Czech company Elmarco was the first company in the world to develop and market an industrial machine producing materials from nanofibre. It also developed the unique NanospiderTM technology that produces high quality anorganic and organic nanofibres of all-round applications and which was successfully transfered to Spain. Elmarco offers the technology in several modifications both for research and development labs and for small-scale production and high capacity industrial production lines.

High-Precision Thermoelectric Sensor for High Temperature

5. 12. 2011

A prototype of an innovative sensor for measurement of high temperatures was developed by Progressive Technologies, a company involved in research and application of high-temperature processes, growing of synthetic crystals and processing of glass fiber, and subsequently a technology transfer to Germany was realised within the framework of the Czech Innovation Relay Centre.

Vibration Diagnosis of Engines

4. 12. 2011

A technology transfer of production of instruments for machine vibration and monitoring diagnosis produced by a Czech company Aura was realised in 2009 within the framework of the EEN. Aura is the largest Czech producer of such products supplying also specialized control systems for technologies and industrial automation. With its own development, the company offers its customers turnkey solutions for the development and production of specific measurement and automation sensors.