Kajman Alligator Shears

Mistra, a Czech firm engaged in the development and production of equipment for processing scrap metal, has developed a new type of a hydraulic alligator shear for cutting steel scrap and sold the shear to the American market, including the technology assisstance. The innovative design of this product based on patented machine kinematics enables, unlike other competing technologies, to cut metal of virtually any shape, strength and size.

The operating costs for processing of one ton of initial steel scrap (cupola) with the shears Kajman is only 380 CZK. Using this technology one employee can process up to five tons of metal per shift. The application of alligator shear Kajman is therefore much cheaper compared with today`s more widespread oxy-acetylene cutting. The total savings for one work day is approximately 10 thousand CZK per worker and machine. With regard to their technical quality, the Kajman alligator shears have found their way to domestic and foreign customers in many European countries since 1992 when the shears were first launched into the market.

During the Pollutec 2008 International exhibition of environmental equipment, technologies and services in Lyon, Technology Centre ASCR specialists mediated negotiations between the Mistra representatives and Alan Ross Machinery, US corporation, which specializes in supplying scrap processors. Alan Ross Machinery was searching the market for devices with similar performance characteristics as the shears Kajman have.

The follow-up meetings between the two firms resulted in a contract settlement to sell the Kajman shears to the US client. In this manner, the Czech technology penetrated the North American market. The Czech manufacturer provided the US client a follow-up technology assistance, device modification to the specific condition of use in the US, and training of specialized shear operators. Besides the mediation of initial information and contacts between the two partners, the Technology Centre provided the client with technical, customs and logistics aspects associated with transporting the bulky equipment to the United States.

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