An innovative, fully automated system of parking houses for passenger cars was developed and launched by a Czech company KOMA – Ložiska and successfully transfered to Poland in 2008. The main advantage of the automated parking house is that, unlike at a traditional car park, cars only pull up on the ground floor and then are parked automatically without the use of their own engine. The handling is automated so no exhaust gases are produced, which leads to lower polluting emissions.

In addition the automated systems make parking easier for drivers and help save space so valuable especially in urban areas, where it would otherwise be occupied by large conventional „park and ride" facilities. The KOMA company system allows the driver to simply drive into the parking house onto a platform and then an automatic system lifts the car and parks it at a vacant spot on one of the floors of the parking house. To retrieve the car the driver inserts his/her unique electronic key into a scanner and the automated system returns the car.

The advantage of the described system lies in the ease of handling (the car is lifted and then moved horizontally onto a free parking space on a floor) and in the short time required to retrieve the car. Even though this type of parking house takes up only a relatively small area it can accomodate from 126 up to 300 or even more cars depending on how many floors there are and the number of rings on them. The automated KOMA systems offer efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent public parking that takes up minimum space. A pilot project for demonstration was already built in Ostrava – Svinov.

Technology Centre ASCR actively assisted in the transfer of the above described technology of the fully automated carousel parking KOMA system from the Czech Republic to the Polish company Plazmatronika NT Sp. z o. o. from Wrocław. A meeting of representatives from both companies was organized during "Contact: Business Meetings 2008" a technology brokerage event at the "Z/intec" 2008 fair in Leipzig. The Czech and Polish participants agreed on a contract for sale of the licence and on technological cooperation. The licence agreement allows the Polish partner to implement the technology in the southwestern region of Poland.

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