Biomass Gasification Power Generation Unit with Combined Power and Heat Generation

The Czech engineering company Kovo Topic focusing on manufacturing of consumer metal products, has developed a promising prototype of a power unit and started to cooperate with this technology with a Slovakian company Cheneko. The unit operates on the basis of gasification of wood or other forms of biomass and subsequent utilization of generated gas for combined heat and power generation.

Compared to common condensation units, this innovative system offers higher energy efficiency and more favourable ecological balance. Since the prototype was developed with smaller dimensions and it reached relatively limited power (120kW and 150 kW electric power) during the trial operation, the company was looking for a suitable technology partner to complete the development of the device and based on the prototype to produce a larger unit capable of industrial application.

Representatives of Kovo Topic therefore contacted a specialist from the Technology Centre AS CR who entered their technology request together with a more detailed description of the developing technology into a specialized database of offers and requests of the Enterprise Europe Network. In addition, specialists of the Technology Centre AS CR arranged representatives of Kovo Topic to participate in several international trade events which should help them find a suitable technology partner. During one of these events – the brokerage event Biomass Talks held in Graz, the company established contacts with a Slovakian company Cheneko that has been planning to manufacture a device using biomass energy of power 10 MW.

The result of the successful meeting of representatives of both companies was an agreement on technological cooperation on implementation of the device between Kovo Topic and Cheneko. Within the mutually beneficial cooperation the Slovak partner acquires a new efficient device featuring high energy efficiency and low emission level. On the contrary, the originator of the technology – Kovo Topic appreciates the opportunity to directly verify the results of its research and development in practice on a high power device. The experience may be valuable for the Czech company if a broader industrial use of the technology is achieved in the future. 

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