Czech Quick Dry Adhesive Leabond PU 21

A successful technology transfer occured in the adhesive segment of the Czech industry. The Czech company Lear, one of the leading domestic manufacturers of industrial adhesives and a supplier of comprehensive services has developed a new type of adhesive for an Estonian company A.U. Voolikuvabrik, a specialist in production of prefabricated construction parts from wood and combined materials.

A.U. Voolikuvabrik had been searching an affordable quick dry adhesive to bond wood fiber boards with polystyrene boards. They published their request in the international BBS database of technological requests and offers available in all EU member states. The Technology Centre ASCR addressed the request of the Estonian company to the Czech company Lear. Lear developed Leabond PU 21, a polyurethane adhesive that is well suited for bonding wood-wood, wood-metal, polystyrene foam boards as well as other synthetic materials (PVC, ABS, PS). Setting time prior to further processing/use is 15-30 minutes. The adhesive does not require water or solvent adding and, unlike most other adhesives, there is no odor. It does not cause corrosion and it provides resistance to the outdoor climate. Leabond PU 21 has met the requirements of an in-house testing carried out in A.U. Voolikuvabrik.

Both companies signed an agreement on the delivery of the adhesive including related know-how. The new Czech adhesive helped the Estonian manufacturing company increase its productivity and reduce financial costs.

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