Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant

ASIO, a Czech engineering company specializing in the development and supply of wastewater treatment technologies, has developed a small modern wastewater treatment plant with a commercial name AS-VARIOcomp5 which was sold to a Norway.

The device is primarily intended for installation in smaller, permanently inhabited houses with the capacity of up to five people. The membrane technology of the wastewater plant ensures that the sewage discharged from the house is deprived of most bacteria and viruses and cleaned to the quality comparable to normal rainwater. Such treated water can be then recycled for further use, e.g. for local irrigation or as service water for households.

ASIO is a Czech company that has been actively cooperating with the Technology Centre AS CR for some time using the specialized services provided by its specialists to develop business contacts and activities. The specialists of the Technology Centre AS CR, who make available information about the international technology offers and demands to their clients through the pages of the Enterprise Europe Network, called attention of ASIO to the current demand of the Norwegian company VA-Tek AS. This company was searching the current European market for household wastewater plant with comparable characteristics. The technical and commercial negotiations, which the two firms subsequently held, resulted in signing the contract for sale of the AS VARIOcomp5 plant to the Norwegian client.

In this manner, ASIO, Ltd. succeeded in penetrating the demanding, environmentally-oriented Norwegian market with its new technology. That also opens up other potential business opportunities for the Czech company in the wider Scandinavian territory.

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