One of the leading Czech ICT companies Cígler Software has developed a modular cash register system which can be used in all kinds of shops as well as international retail companies. The technology for this system has successfully been transfered to Cyprus.

Cígler software specializes in the development and implementation of advanced information solutions for economic and financial systems and supplies of related software. The electronic cash register is an efficient and effective tool connecting the cash desk with the systems of warehouse management and accounting by means of a specialized software. This helps the retailer, when selling goods, be in control of the amount of goods sold and to monitor the balance of his stock, etc. The system consists of 2 subsystems – the management subsystem and the sales subsystem – and allows for centralized management of retail shops with remote monitoring and administration of business and price data, synchronization of accounting systems and other functions tailored to the customer´s needs. Cígler company can supply both the simple classic cash register of the "plug and go" type, and the advanced PC based software solution.

The transfer of the technology mentioned above of an electronic cash register was implemented after a meeting of the representatives of the Cígler company and the Cypriote E&F Software Solutions company at the Infosystem 2008 technology brokerage event in Thessaloniki. The meeting was initiated and arranged by the staff of Technology Centre ASCR.

E&F Software Solutions is a leading system integrator and supplier of advanced solutions in Cyprus. The company provides comprehensive services and in an agreement with the Czech supplier, they commited themselves to launch the Czech technology on the market in Cyprus. The Cypriote partner, who plans to order the advanced version of the cash register with a built-in powerful software and a number of advanced functions, took care of the promotion of the system, of technical support provision and of its integration into the existing retail systems. The main benefit of the new technology for the Cyprian users is a substantial reduction of personnel costs in the area of stock and book-keeping and they also achieved higher accuracy in stock records.

The Czech supplier financially profited from this transaction and also indirectly, by placing their product on a new, highly competitive foreign market.

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